February 1, 2023

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Figure skater Kamila Valieva (16) goes viral with her iconic ‘Wednesday’ ice dance | showbiz

showbiz16-year-old Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva does a perfect imitation of the much-discussed dance from the Netflix series “Wednesday” during the Russian Championships. Like Wednesday Addams, she has ink black hair, pigtails and froufrou. Valieva dances to the music from the original scene, “Goo Goo Muck” in The Cramps’ version. But she also dances to the uptempo version of Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary,” which made the dance famous on TikTok.


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Camila’s free news, big news in her country and now also internationally, was the so-called demo performance. I introduced it after the Russian Championships last week, where I just won the silver. While other figure skaters’ performances “recycled” previous ones, Valieva’s show was completely new according to “Sport-Express”.

Wednesday, according to Netflix one of the most successful series of all time, has become a phenomenon in recent weeks. The highlight is the dance scene from episode four. The Los Angeles Times judged Jenna Ortega’s zombie-like antics one of the best television moments of the year. Videos of the scene have been viewed tens of millions of times online, as have countless videos of people mimicking the choreography on TikTok. Lady Gaga also participated, as well as underwater dancer Kristina Makushenko.

Steroids issue

Kamila Valieva made headlines earlier this year for her A.J Steroids issue. A day after winning the Nations Cup with Russia at the Beijing Winter Games, it was revealed that she had tested positive for a banned substance a few months before the games. After an emergency hearing, she was also allowed to compete in the singles tournament pending investigation. Nerves overwhelmed the favourite, and he ended up fourth.

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