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Football discussion.  RSCA fans want Witsel’s name out of the tunnel – AA Gent appeals to Chakvetadze |  football

Football discussion. RSCA fans want Witsel’s name out of the tunnel – AA Gent appeals to Chakvetadze | football

RSCA fans want the Witsel name out of the tunnel

In Anderlecht, the Players Tunnel has been given a new look. There is now also a list of great players who have played in Lotto Park in the past. Axel Witsel, among others, was on it, much to the chagrin of fans, because the Liege native at the time hit Wasilewski badly. Anderlecht realized that mentioning Witsel was not the smartest move and would tweak the list. (free zone)

a. a. Gent defies Chakvetadze’s comment

The Football Association’s disciplinary committee continued a two-week ban plus a €2,000 fine on Georgi Chakvetadze, who was disqualified from Antwerp on Sunday after a foul on Jerkins. On Monday, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office proposed an amicable settlement with a two-week suspension and a €2,000 fine, but AA Gent objected. AA Gent also does not stop at the confirmation of the punishment announced by the Disciplinary Committee on Tuesday. Buffaloes appeal this punishment. (RN)

Seni Lenin (Union) is out of months

Union should miss Senne Lynen for several months. The 22-year-old midfielder came in against Cercle Brugge after the break last Saturday. Ten minutes later, Lenin had to be helped off the field after a difficult duel with Hotic. Ultrasound showed that the cruciate ligament of the left knee and the medial ligament of the left knee were ruptured. Senne will be out for a longer period of time. “He will undergo surgery in a few weeks,” the federation wrote on its website.

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Two-year stadium ban from entering the field

Standard supporters, who entered the field Friday night with a 0-3 delay against KV Mechelen, are waiting for a big penalty. Inquiries into the football cell show that they face a minimum penalty of two years of banning stadiums and a fine of no less than 1,000 euros. This could be even more serious if there are other violations of the football law. Camera images and a police report help the football cell track down those involved. (NVK)

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RSCA condemns inappropriate Raman song

Anderlecht supporters continue to sing the inappropriate song “All farmers are gay”. Fans use it as a kind of stimulus for Benito Raman, but Anderlecht would prefer to ban him from Lotto Park. She has already started the conversation with supporters and will do so again soon. The Professional League also denounces the chants: “They have no place in our society.” Important: If mentioned by the Match Delegate, penalties will not be disqualified. (PJC)

Benito Raman.

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FIFA consults with Qatar on the evaporation of Corona rules

FIFA is in talks with the Qatari government regarding the Corona rules that will apply to the World Cup next year. Anyone traveling to the oil country today would have to be fully vaccinated to enter the country, but FIFA is hoping for a more flexible arrangement.

According to various media, there is a proposal on the table in which the vaccination obligation for World Cup participants disappears. Anyone who has recovered from COVID-19 or can submit a negative test will also be accepted. The health protocol will also provide a system for regular testing on Qatari soil.

In June, Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani stated that Qatar would only accept fully vaccinated spectators for the World Cup (November 21-December 18, 2022). He did not comment on the players.

FIFA does not want to confirm the talks at this time. Later this year, Qatar will host the Arab Cup, in which sixteen countries participate. The tournament is a test of the World Cup stadiums. Then it may become clear whether Qatar wants to relax the Corona rules.