July 23, 2024

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Former “Married Blind” contestant Damiano Fiore to marry in Italy |  television

Former “Married Blind” contestant Damiano Fiore to marry in Italy | television

televisionBlind Married co-star Damiano Fiore announced in July that he was engaged to his girlfriend, Natalia Anna Dabrowski, on Instagram. But now the duo has also revealed their wedding venue and date. Damiano and Natalia – of Italian descent – will tie the knot on July 21, 2023 in Italy.

“Meeting a soul mate does not happen by chance,” Damiano wrote in a love letter on Instagram. With the message: “July 21, 2023, IT.” Perhaps this means that the couple will marry in Italy on that date. This is more than two years after Damiano first proposed to Natty in September 2021.

The two had been a couple for about six months at the time. “We got to know each other during a yoga session,” Damiano said in an interview with TV Family at the time. “It didn’t take long for us to become a couple. We are having a great time together. Natty and I share our passion for sports. She is professionally engaged in yoga, as well as in nutrition. It brought us very close to each other.”

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Damiano was paired with Wendy in 2018 on the VTM show ‘Blind Married’. However, the two left nothing more than friendship from their adventure. “Of course I was hoping something would grow at some point. But yeah, the feeling didn’t come,” it sounded in the time after the recordings.

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