February 8, 2023

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Mariska Power after stroke: 'I used to be a busy bee, now I'm a quiet butterfly' |  showbiz

France Bauer fears that things will not go well for Maresca after a cerebral infarction | showbiz

showbizFrans Bauer, 48, thought things weren’t going well for his wife, Mariska, 46, when it turned out she had suffered a cerebral infarction. The singer from Brabant said Wednesday on the Dutch show “Geef om je Brain,” as the couple looked back on the intense event. “Things went from bad to worse in the emergency room.”

Mariska didn’t keep it dry on Wednesday when she looked back on the day she suffered a cerebral infarction. She previously announced on Instagram that this happened while she was shopping. “I thought: Did I eat something wrong? It just felt really weird.”

Mariska’s husband, Francis, says he sensed something was wrong. Together they went to the doctor, who prescribed Mariska allergy pills. “It got even crazier in the car. I thought she was drunk. But of course it wasn’t. So I immediately went to the hospital. It went from bad to worse in the emergency room. Her face started to sag and she could no longer move her arms and legs.” “I got scared and thought: This won’t work,” said the singer.

Maresca is now on the mend physically, but mentally it’s still a huge struggle. “I used to keep thirty balls in the air, and it kept the whole family running. And I’m doing it a little slower now. I’ve gone from a busy bee to a quiet butterfly.”

Frans Bauer and his wife Mariska © Photo News


The symptoms associated with a cerebral infarction were so unfamiliar to Mariska Bauer that she did not realize it was happening to her. I thought a heart attack was an old thing. This is a big misunderstanding: it can happen to anyone! Even if you are not yet 50 years old. Fortunately, I came out fine. You don’t see anything about me on the outside, but I had to adjust my life. “Many of the consequences of a cerebral infarction are not visible to the outside world,” Maresca wrote.

Mariska Bauer had a heart attack in January. A few months later, after intensive rehabilitation, she gets the idea that things are “getting a little better” and she knows how to distribute her energy better.

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