December 3, 2023

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Francis celebrates the move toward more clinically recognized care

Francis celebrates the move toward more clinically recognized care

Medical Facts Editorial / Janine Budding October 29, 2023 – 10:31 pm

Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland has received 4 Clinical Merit Awards from the Association of Best Collaborating Clinical Training Hospitals (STZ). The two centers of expertise “Asthma, COPD, Allergy and Occupational Lung Disease” and “IBD (Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease) in Adults and Children” have received STZ recognition for the third and second time respectively. The two new top clinical accreditations in the specialty of abdominal wall surgery and the Rotterdam Vertigo Centre. The Dizziness Center is located on the site of the Francisco Wilmsplein outpatient clinic, where we cooperate with specialists from the prestigious Mastad Medical Hospital. Franciscus currently has 8 STZ Experience Centres, and the aim is to expand this center further in the coming years.

The aim of the centers of expertise, in addition to multidisciplinary patient care, is to innovate and contribute to improving the quality of care. Highly specialized care is also called “senior clinical care.” In order to provide this outstanding clinical care now and in the future, much attention is paid to training, scientific research and innovation in health care. In-house knowledge is imparted to doctors and nurses during training. In addition, Franciscus has a large number of further education courses in medicine and nursing and its own training offerings.

Member of STZ since 2008

In 2008, Franciscus joined the Association of Top Collaborating Clinical Training Hospitals (STZ) and shortly thereafter the hospital received STZ recognition as a Center of Expertise in Asthma, COPD and Allergies. Pulmonologist Jasper Cabin: “We’ve been there for many years for people with severe asthma, COPD and allergies, for all generations. Now we can also offer high-level clinical care to anyone with work-related lung problems.” Gastroenterologist Rachel West: “I am very pleased to extend STZ’s recognition of our IBD Center. Our goal is to provide the best IBD care at our hospital for patients of all ages, and our focus is not on curing the disease but on the patient. Surgeon Maren Polmann: “We are proud and happy that the quality care we provide to the often forgotten patient group with (complicated) abdominal wall hernias has also been rewarded with the STZ quality mark.” Otolaryngologist Willem Kelders: “We are very pleased with the unique collaboration with the neurologists at Maastad Hospital, with whom we have jointly obtained the highest clinical rating.” In addition to these accolades, Franciscus also provides the highest level of clinical care for obesity, breast cancer, gastrointestinal ischemia, respiratory problems and neonatal infections.

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STZ Hospitals and Registration

The Association of Top Collaborating Clinical Training Hospitals (STZ) tests the quality of clinical care excellence within the top 27 clinical hospitals according to various criteria, including specialized diagnostics and new treatment methods. Francisco’s best clinical expertise centers can be found at Registration that can be consulted online.

Source: SFG

Medical Facts Editorial / Janine Budding

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