December 3, 2023

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Generation Z has a completely different perspective on work compared to colleagues

Generation Z has a completely different perspective on work compared to colleagues

General ZYoung people born in 1996 or later are entering the labor market. They appear to have very different expectations from Generations Y (between 1981 and 1995), X (between 1965 and 1980) and above, according to a study by HR services provider Bright Plus.

distinct: One in five Gen Z workers in Belgium don’t know why they do their job and find their job meaningless, according to the online poll conducted by research agency iVOX on behalf of Bright Plus.

  • This is significantly more than Generation Y (16.3%) and Generation X (9.5%). Among the baby boom generation, this percentage is 2.6%.
  • Another indicator of a lack of meaning: 40.5% of Generation Z work primarily to avoid criticism from others. This is also much higher than among older generations.
  • About 41% also feel guilty about taking vacation.

Possible explanation: Therefore, young people between the ages of 18 and 28 in the labor market find it difficult to find their place. Motivation expert Dr. says: Hermina van Kuele, who contributed to the research.

the difference: At the other end of the spectrum, the last working baby boomers are entering the labor market voluntarily. They prefer working to retirement and find great satisfaction in their work.

Fun at work

Paradox: Generation Z may face some challenges, but there are also many positives to report. Young people who seem to work because they have to and feel guilty easily also have fun with their colleagues and want to make progress.

  • For example, 86.2% agreed with the statement that they trust their colleagues.
  • In addition, they also more often have fun at work: 81.9%, compared to 67.7% among Generation X and 72% among Baby Boomers.
  • Generation Z is also more positive about the way their boss motivates them.
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search: “It is clear that young employees choose a job with many opportunities for growth and developments. So they are clearly looking for strategies to feel more competent. Although this is accompanied by the fact that they sometimes lose sleep over their abilities or make mistakes, Van Kuele analyzes.

Not surprising: Generation Z is less likely than older generations to stay with the same employer. Four out of ten Gen Z respondents expect their long-term career future to lie at another company.

Conclusion: “We see that Generation Z is realistic about their career path. The time when people only had one employer until retirement is well behind us. It is clear that Generation Z is thinking about a career in which they can reinvent themselves,” says Linda Cappelli of Bright Plus. continuously”.