September 27, 2023

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Give people over 60, the care worker and the patient a coronavirus shot every fall

Give people over 60, the care worker and the patient a coronavirus shot every fall

People aged 60 or over, health care workers and people with medical risks should be offered the repeat coronavirus vaccination every year.

It’s best to do this in the fall, perhaps in combination with the flu shot they’re already eligible for. This is the advice of the Board of Health.

In total, about 4 million people could be infected with Corona, according to the Council’s estimates.

Advice on the “skeletal vaccination programme” goes to Health Minister Ernst Kuipers. He has to tie the knot.

People from “high-risk medical groups” and “medical high-risk groups” include, for example, people with Down syndrome, people who are seriously overweight, patients who have had an organ transplant or are on a waiting list, And people with renal failure.

Pregnant women are also eligible for a repeat shot. Corona infection can lead to serious complaints for them, and the baby can be born earlier than intended. According to the council, it is best to vaccinate them in the 22nd week of pregnancy. This reduces the risk of corona complications more than others. For them, it is not necessary to give the injection in the fall, but it can be combined with a whooping cough injection, for example.

Last fall, people were able to go to vaccination sites for GGDs to get their repeat shot. If this vaccination is now combined with the influenza vaccine, it can be done through GPs, but according to the Board of Health it is up to the Minister.

It is the first advisory report from the Board of Health on the coronavirus response since the end of the pandemic. The virus is now part of everyday life, and has become epidemic, so to speak. This does not mean that the virus has gone away, because people can still get infected. Because of the virus, people still need to be hospitalized. In addition, people still die from the consequences of infection. These are mainly people from high-risk groups, who are now recommended to be injected again by the Health Board.

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