July 12, 2024

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Google brings context-sensitive text searches to Google Lens – IT Pro – News

Google has announced updates to Google Lens. It will soon be possible to ask context-sensitive questions about a specific object via text, and the program will roll out to the Chrome web browser “in the coming months”.

Google released the ads for Lens during Look at the 2021 conference. In it, the company outlines the advances it has already made in the field of artificial intelligence. One such development is the new features that Lens will have “early next year”. This makes it possible to ask contextual questions about the depicted object.

During the demo, Google displayed an image of a T-shirt, after which it was possible to search for socks with the same idea via text. This is made possible by clicking on the new “Add Questions” function in Google Lens, after which the user can ask a question that can be immediately placed in the appropriate context.

It was also announced during the conference that Lens will be available for the Chrome web browser “in the coming months.” It is then possible to right-click on a section or image on a website and perform a Lens search for it. The search results will then be displayed via a sliding panel.

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