December 1, 2023

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Has Camilla Lackberg hired a ghost writer for her latest thriller?

Has Camilla Lackberg hired a ghost writer for her latest thriller?

With more than 29 million books sold in sixty countries, Camilla Luckberg is not the least of them. Her thrillers are drenched in exemplary nature nNoir OrdekAn atmosphere full of dark secrets that must be carefully hidden. But according to the Swedish electronic magazine Kvartal Lackberg himself also has such a secret.

Journalist from Kvartal He ran all of Lackeberg’s books through a computer program that counted the words in the text and applied fixed formulas to them. The results are then displayed in a diagram. What happened? Certainly his first book, FjalbakaThe series, set in her native village with detective couple Erika Falk and Patrick Hedström, turns out to be closely related in style. But her recent revenge thrillers have been in a different corner of the chart.

Looking for an explanation for this Kvartal Läkberg has written along with eight other Swedish thriller authors. For this purpose, another program, JGAAP, was used. An earlier version of this successfully demonstrated this in 2013 The cuckoo’s call Written by JK Rowling, author of Harry PotterBooks that used the pseudonym Robert Galbraith for this purpose.

Certainly, JGAAP found striking similarities between Lackeberg’s books, incl Silver wings (2020), and Pascal Engmann’s film. That writer worked as Lackberg’s editor at her own publishing house. He concluded that “the overall conclusion of the data analysis strongly supports the ghost writer theory.” Kvartal.

After the article was published, Lackberg denied everything in a post on Instagram. According to her, the research mainly reflects literary snobbery. “They say I’m not a good fashion designer and therefore don’t deserve my success and many readers.”

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In another post, she admitted that Engman had helped her with her latest book, but nothing more. Engman also denies that he was more than just an editor at the publishing house. He says there was no ghostwriting.

The article is written by Kvartal It didn’t come completely out of the blue. They have previously discussed its jurisprudence Watchman There were already rumors in Sweden that Läkberg would not always hold the pen himself. Fellow writer Håkan Lindgren is also said to have referred to it in veiled terms in his book Ghost writer. It features a fictional crime queen who outsources her writing to another author.