December 7, 2023

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He went to Ukraine for love and was imprisoned, almost two months after the reunion of Antwerp Rinat with her son

He went to Ukraine for love and was imprisoned, almost two months after the reunion of Antwerp Rinat with her son

Rinat travels after her son Wesel to bring him back to life and in good health. © rr

Her son, Wisel, 24, traveled to Crimea to pick up his girlfriend. Then war broke out in Ukraine and he was imprisoned. Wessel was even captured by the Russians. Mama Rinat Degres went after her son. Now, after the second month, the Antwerp girl can hug him again.

Anneliese Payten

In the middle of February, Wessel recklessly flew to Russia to get his girlfriend Isabella out of the Crimea in Russia at the last minute and bring her to our country. Shortly thereafter, the Russo-Ukrainian war broke out in full force and Visel was “captured”. His love for his Russian girlfriend cooled down in the meantime, but it turns out that getting back on his own isn’t easy. Rinat did not hesitate for a second and got into her car after her son. She was determined to bring him back safe and sound. “Some called me crazy, others understood me. I am a mother of seven children and I do everything for them.”

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scary moments

Her son at one time fell into the hands of Russian soldiers who suspected him of being a spy. Then Wessel was literally arrested. It was then that Rinat negotiated with the soldiers for his release. Those were scary moments for her, but she didn’t give up. After traveling for several days, even reaching Lviv, a city in the western part of Ukraine, she finally had to return due to illness. But even when she was better, she continued to do everything in her power to help Wessel.

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“Will you succeed now?”

Finally, on Friday, the message of recovery came that Wiesel would be transferred to the border with Latvia with the help of the embassy. Rinat can take him there on Saturday, while on his way there. With her euphoria, she apparently didn’t know how to stay because she immediately posted the following message on Facebook: “Are you going to succeed now? On the way to pick up my son. Please, keep your fingers crossed!”