January 28, 2023

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I Dare to Ask About Autism: I’m Embarrassingly Weird Sometimes

Laila says that autism in particular is very stressful. © One

Autism is more common than you think. In Flanders alone, approximately 66,000 people live with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Some of them explain in “Dare to Ask” the impact of autism spectrum disorder on their lives.

For many of them, it is invisible, which means that they often encounter many misunderstandings. Some people can cover up the condition well, in others it’s more obvious. Dominique, one of the witnesses, sometimes thinks she’s “embarrassingly weird.”

Others are also trying to take advantage of the condition. Mark was diagnosed with ASD 20 years ago. He was a teacher of physics, chemistry and mathematics. After his retirement he wanted to do something with which he could inspire people. For example, he has developed empathy sessions that are offered through the Flemish Autism Society. Through the sessions, you can experience for yourself what it is like to have an autism spectrum disorder. “I often feel like I don’t belong in this world. People tell me to adapt, and I adapt to any situation 94 percent of the time. Being autistic in particular is very stressful,” Leila says. “Sometimes I feel like I can only be myself when I’m alone .”

“Dare to Ask” single, at 8:50 p.m

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