February 21, 2024

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Indie Hades II to be released early in 2023 – Games – News

Indie game Hades is getting a sequel. Supergiant Games announced this during the Game Awards. In the roguelike Players take the Titan of Time from Greek mythology. Hades II is scheduled to be released “sometime in 2023”. early access.

in Ad trailer It shows Melino training, the main character in Hades II for her battle against the Titan of Time, Kronos. Melinoë is a sorceress, “Princess of the Underworld” and sister of Zagreus, the main character from the first Hades game. Hades II takes place “some time” after the events of the original. According to the developer, it is not necessary to play the original, although there are “plenty of connections”. The game will include a larger game world with new locations and new upgrade systems.

Hades II will be the fifth game and the first from Supergiant Games, also known as Bastion and Transistor. Like the original, Hades II will first be available as an early access title for PC. That will happen “sometime in 2023”. No specific release date has been announced. The game will appear simultaneously on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The developer wrote that the game should eventually also come to consoles in a blog post.

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