July 19, 2024

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Popular indie game Vampire Survivors is free on iOS and Android – Gaming – News

The popular roguelike game Vampire Survivors has been released for free for iOS and Android. Developer Luca Galante revealed the mobile version at The Game Awards. The Xbox and PC versions of the game currently cost €5.

The mobile version of Vampire Survivors was not announced first as far as we know and suddenly across Play Store And the app store Available. on his website The developer, known by its pseudonym, informs that the full game is free. There will be no microtransactions or loot boxes in the game. It says ad sometimes appears after utensils. He promises that the game’s existing DLC ​​will also come to the mobile version.

Vampire Survivors was released as an early access title for PC in early 2021 and the full version was released on October 20th. On November 10, an Xbox Series and Xbox One version, as well as a Game Pass variant, hit the market. The game has offline according to steam250.com One of the highest ratings on the Steam gaming platform; About 98 percent of approx 160,000 comments Positive thing about the game.

The game combines roguelike elements as the player starts over after dying, though there are permanent upgrades and new characters to unlock. The game is also represented by bullet hell-Elements, where many enemies must be avoided while the character attacks automatically.

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