April 17, 2024

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It took two years to make a 'Stranger Things' scene this season 4 |  showbiz

It took two years to make a ‘Stranger Things’ scene this season 4 | showbiz

TelevisionOn July 1, the last two episodes of the fourth season of the hit series Stranger Things came out on Netflix, fitting to watch for at least four hours. But a lot of time also went into filming and making the series. In an interview with Collider, supervisor Julien Hery said more about this: “We’ve worked on one scene on the Upside Down for two years.”

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Before the start of the fourth season of “Stranger Things,” the cast members had already announced that this would be “the darkest season ever.” That was an understatement, because apart from the release of a new supervillain, Vecna, there have been quite a few scenes in The Dark World: Upside Down. This is a dark world that looks like a version of the real world. So the season required more special effects than usual and its creators needed a lot of time for it. a lot of time. It even took two years to put together one specific scene.

In an interview with Collider, VFX Supervisor Julien Hery suppressed the filming of some scenes. We started working on the effects before the pandemic started. But we have been working on a particular moment for nearly two years.” He spoke of a particular scene in “Upside Down.” “At a certain point, you see an image where a ‘pilot bat’ flies over Hawkins and lands on Krill’s house. We kept working on this scene even before the deadline. That was a huge challenge.”

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“Stranger Things” is very popular and still is. The fourth season was released worldwide in May and was immediately widely viewed. Netflix has been out for a while in a number of countries, because everyone really wanted to see the new episodes ASAP. At the beginning of July, the chain easily passed the milestone of 1 billion streams. Moreover, the songs that can be heard in the fourth season do not harm the artists. Kate Bush’s 1985 song “Running Up That Hill” was dusted off and quickly became a huge hit. Metallica scored again in the 1986 film Master of Puppets thanks to the epic epilogue in which “Stranger Things” character Eddie Monson played the song on his electric guitar at Upside Down.

Season 5 is in the making

And there’s good news for fans of the series, as the Stranger Things screenwriter team announced on August 2 that they have officially begun writing the fifth and final season. Between the third and fourth seasons there was a waiting period of at least three years. So it looks like fans will have to be patient for a while. Details of the final season haven’t been revealed yet, but it’s definitely going to be very exciting.

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