January 29, 2023

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"On to chemo 7", but actress Ann Van den Broeck can be seen again in "Mamma Mia!"  (Antwerp)

“On to chemo 7”, but actress Ann Van den Broeck can be seen again in “Mamma Mia!” (Antwerp)

Actress Anne van den Broek (45) came out this week with the news that she has breast cancer. She announced on Instagram that she is receiving chemotherapy, but at the moment the actress is in good shape. She was so good that she will be on the stage of Antwerp on Friday for a revival Mama Mia!.

Van den Broeck plays one of the main roles in the musical Mama Mia!, which will resume on Friday at Stadsschouwburg in Antwerp. The musical was closed in 2020 after just one week due to Corona, and then resumed in the summer of 2021. Due to the huge success, the performance is now back with Ann Van den Broeck.

Next Friday, the actress will give her best shot with her castmates during the evening premiere. She will continue to perform those performances as long as her health permits. At dinner parties, she was alternately replaced by Anne de Wien and Marilyn van der Lo. Main actor Michel de Meyer, who become a father And other musicals this summer will be replaced by Dorian LevinsJames Cook’s husband.

Van den Broeck already announced on Instagram on Tuesday that she’s “going really well at the moment.” “At the moment I don’t have many side effects besides fatigue,” she writes. “To Chemo 7!”

She also thanks everyone who sent her messages of support, advice and invitations for conversations After it was announced. It sounds like “this is doing something to someone”. The actress notes that she hesitated for a long time to share her story, but did so to break the taboo surrounding breast cancer. It calls for women and men to have regular check-ups.

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