December 8, 2023

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Jan Gambon at a dance party in Antwerp while the Flemish government is in deep crisis (Antwerp)

Jan Gambon at a dance party in Antwerp while the Flemish government is in deep crisis (Antwerp)

On Monday evening, former principal dancer of the Flanders Opera Ballet, Wim Vanlesen staged an international ballet and dance gala at the Queen Elisabeth Hall. In addition to Queen Mathilde, another distinguished guest attended the ceremony: Flemish Prime Minister Jan Gambon (N-VA). And that while the Flemish government is in the eye of the storm.

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Mathilde was Distinguished guest In the evening, but also the appearance of the Flemish Minister Jan Gambon did not go unnoticed. He was also present at the ceremony in Antwerp. And despite being the Minister of Culture, his appearance at the ceremony still raised eyebrows among the public. This has to do with the unprecedented crisis experienced by the Flemish government.


A complete mess

Last week, the Flemish government failed to conclude a nitrogen agreement because the various parties did not agree. Negotiations continued until Sunday night, but even then no agreement was reached. As a result, Jambon again failed to meet the nitrogen deadline. The whole situation creates complete chaos within the Flemish government.

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On Tuesday afternoon, with all members of parliament in the Flemish Parliament, a substantive discussion on the file will take place.

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