December 8, 2022

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Jennie can no longer hide Kim's feelings in 'Farmer Seeks Wife': 'I'd be disappointed if this was the last time' |  showbiz

Jennie can no longer hide Kim’s feelings in ‘Farmer Seeks Wife’: ‘I’d be disappointed if this was the last time’ | showbiz

TVIn Boer’s Search for the Woman, the final moment for selection is getting closer and closer. During a date with Jenny, farmer Kim tries to find out her feelings. He says, “I think it’s so important that we let each other be who we are. Nobody’s perfect, hey. But you came close.” Then Jenny points out that she’s starting to have a hard time hiding her feelings: “You can’t stop them, you can.” Much to Kim’s delight: “I can tell between the lines that she has feelings for me. It’s nice when they try to tell her so subtly. The feeling I have for Ginny now, in my opinion, is almost perfect, but the difference with Emi is that I feel attracted to her.” more “.


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“A farmer is looking for a wife”, Sunday at 19.55 on VTM

Jenny in the movie “Farmer Looking for a Wife” © VTM

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