November 30, 2023

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Kylie is a medical student but suffers from chronic pain

Kylie is a medical student but suffers from chronic pain

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“Last year I did not get the required points during the academic year, but fortunately the program gave me a deferment of the Binding Study Advice (BSA). It’s a busy forty-hour-a-week course, so I’m now repeating my first year. I just don’t want the pain to affect my studies, so I’m discussing this with my rheumatologist. Together we look at what works for me and what doesn’t. The goal is to live as freely as possible.”

“After my studies, I would prefer to become an internist: then I would work on internal organs, which is quite a general specialty. Surgery, for example, would not be suitable for me, because it is a difficult specialty that requires you to stand for a very long time. This is not suitable for me,” says Kylie. “For me anyway.”

Student life

“After a long day, everything hurts, that’s why I sleep so hard.” However, Kylie tries to get about eight to nine hours of sleep every night. “I try to get a good night’s sleep, especially on Fridays and weekends.”

“Fortunately, my friends take my situation into consideration. For example, if we go out and do something together, they make sure we don’t walk too much and that we walk enough.” brake Takes. I know a lot of them from their training, so they understand that too Conflicts the study.”

Living with pain

There are several ways Kylie can relieve pain, such as stretching and exercise. Unfortunately, the latter is no longer possible these days. I also try to wake up on time, because even if I sleep a lot I feel more pain. “In general, I don’t want to feel tired because my body feels tired.”

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“I’m waiting for a diagnosis, or at least something that will relieve the pain. Because I’m now discussing all options with the doctor, I’m hopeful this will happen soon.

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