December 7, 2023

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The Janskerkhof in Utrecht will have a different design;  Gone will be 26 parking spaces and more bike racks

The Janskerkhof in Utrecht will have a different design; Gone will be 26 parking spaces and more bike racks

The Janskerkhof in Utrecht’s historic city center will have a different design before the end of this year. A total of 26 parking spaces will disappear and the bike racks currently located near the bus station will be moved, giving the walking route towards Boothstraat a “more spacious and quieter” design, according to the municipality.

The municipality of Utrecht removed parking spaces from the city center some time ago. The goal is to close fifty spaces every year until 2026. “By removing parking spaces in the historic city centre, for example in Janskerkhof, we want fewer cars to drive and park in the city centre. This will free up more space for pedestrians, cyclists and spaces.” Green spaces and accommodations. This allows residents and visitors to better see our historical heritage.


Earlier this year More than 20 parking spaces in Janskerkhof have already been announced to have disappeared. The municipality then invited the neighborhood to think about how to use the space that would be created as a result. It is now known how this vacated space will be furnished.

This means a total of 26 parking spaces will disappear. In the image below these places have been turned green. Bike racks near the bus stop will also be removed. These shelves are marked in purple on the map.

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Walking path

By removing parking spaces and bicycle racks, pedestrian space will be created, among other things. “The walking path from Janskerkhof to Boothstraat will be wider and quieter,” according to the municipality.

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There are currently many bikes parked on the Drift side, but the municipality wants this part of the plaza to look neater. That’s why 172 brackets have been put in place on which bikes can be placed.

flower shop

There will also soon be three disabled parking spaces instead of two and shared parking spaces will be moved. Parking spaces for permit holders will still be available. Finally, the municipality says that the new design has no impact on this Flower market Or other events organized in the square.

The design is now being worked on in detail and then handed over to the contractor. Work is expected to begin in December this year.