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Lancia Delta practical experience (2008-2015): Ready for a comeback?

Lancia Delta practical experience (2008-2015): Ready for a comeback?

The last generation Lancia Delta was on the market between 2008 and 2015. And the first cars can already earn the title of Youngtimer. And although the model – and this is subjective – it still looks quite new thanks to the LED daytime running lights. This technology is shared with the Fiat Bravo, a car previously featured in this section. However, the Lancia is around 18cm longer than this model, of which 10cm is benefited by the wheelbase.

Space, comfort and ease of use

Let’s immediately look at the effect of this extended wheelbase. “Legroom is very good for this class. Tall people can easily sit in the back,” says the owner of a Delta 2.0 MultiJet 165. This extra space seems to mainly benefit passengers, not luggage. “The door pockets are on the narrow side, and the trunk is enough for us, but it’s Not very wide. “First test strollers or holiday gear to see if it suits you,” this driver adds.

Used car buyers are happy with their experience at Delta. “The interior is nice and spacious with nice leather/Alcantara upholstery for this class. Beautiful chairs. The gray plastic on the dashboard is no longer up to date and may have been painted black. There is no trace of use except for the chrome moldings in the doors. This driver is also more Positive about the space available. “Space is very good, during a winter sports trip a passenger suddenly arrived with luggage and with the back seat sliding slightly, both passengers and luggage had a place without having to remove the parcel shelf. Really spacious in every sense of the word. You can also put the stroller on right away and the high chair will fit comfortably, whereas you can hardly do that in a golf cart.

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In addition, the Delta also has MPV features, according to Delta owner MomoDesign. “The sliding back seat is the solution: on holidays, we move the seat forward a little so that the bags fit perfectly and the children still sit comfortably.”

Not every version has such a sliding back seat, including the Platinum Edition. In addition to the advantages, it also has disadvantages, as the driver of this car points out. “My Platinum version has a reclining back seat. It’s really excellent, even royal (everyone prefers to sit in the back rather than the front), but if you fold the back seat down, the backrests will remain at about 40 degrees… which is completely undesirable, of course.” “

Sitting comfort

Anyone who wants passengers to enjoy maximum comfort should choose Delta Platinum. Opinions are divided about the comfort of sitting in the front. “I agree with critics that the seats lead to fatigue on very long flights,” a MultiJet 165 driver wrote. He later qualified this finding. “I recently had to cover 2800km in three days, so I have to tone down my previous (critical) comments about the seats. My wife and I have had no problem sitting after all these kilometres. The hard seats seem to settle down over time.

The driver of the Delta, manufactured in 2009, also expresses his criticism: “Of course, a lot has already been written about the seats, I can partially confirm this. The very little lateral support is also what bothers me, they are too flat.

The occupant of a similarly equipped Delta feels no discomfort from the seat itself, but does feel discomfort from the seating position. “The chairs look stylish and sturdy yet comfortable. But as in my previous MPV, the seating position is on the high side, so my legs between the seat and the accelerator are at a slightly different angle than they would have been in, say, a low station wagon. This causes injury.” My lower legs on long trips. All the more reason to buy cruise control. There are also positive votes. “Unlike most people, I find the seats very comfortable,” said the driver of a 2008 Delta 1.4 TJet. The seats are great, although reviews often suggest you sit too much on the seat than on it.” Outlet.

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In newer cars, Lancia seems to have improved the furniture, as this driver describes for the 2014 MomoDesign edition. “In this edition, a number of criticisms from car magazine tests (lower quality seats and aluminum-coloured plastic) have been replaced or improved. The seats are comfortable.”

How do you drive a delta?

Lancia was the luxury brand of the Fiat group, but at the same time it had a rich history in motorsport. Delta’s leadership characteristics can go both ways. A 2011 Delta owner wrote: “The 1.4T drives sportier than expected, I expected it to be more comfortable. You can tear well with it. The 120-horsepower Delta driver agrees on the diesel. “Good handling, sometimes a little firm The thing is in terms of damping, but I knew that beforehand.” The driver of the 165bhp diesel also notes the strong damping. “Short bumps are poorly damped, and a poor road surface, such as a brick road, makes it a bit choppy. Then he dribbles a little.”

The driver of a 120 hp Delta gasoline car describes and experiences it differently. “Lancia is clearly aiming for Audi-like handling, with adequate comfort and fairly solid damping. Compared to my previous car, the Delta is lightweight, and that means good handling in fast corners.

Maintenance, malfunctions and inconveniences

The Lancia Delta has now been out of production for longer than it was in production, allowing reviewers to provide a better picture of the quality. This isn’t disappointing, because used car buyers also report few problems. The next driver bought the car after 45,000 km and is still driving it. “Did I already mention that this car was problem-free until recently? What was it? On a cold start it stopped immediately and then ran perfectly. I threw a bottle of cleaner into the tank as a remedy, and it solved the problem! Later another vibration caused by a fault occurred In engine installation.

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However, not all delta areas are equally problem-free. For example, one passenger quickly had to deal with a faulty gearbox and another had to replace the MultiAir unit shortly after maintenance. That didn’t spoil the fun: “The car drives well again and the replacement cars made me realize how great a Delta car is. It drives perfectly again, and the long mileage still hasn’t made me tired of this car!”

The next driver was so excited that he bought the same car after Delta, but younger. “After 7 years and 120,000 kilometres, I traded in my previous Delta for this 3.5 year younger version with only 41,000 kilometers on the odometer. Since the Delta is unfortunately no longer manufactured, I was looking for a model a few kilometers younger and in the more luxurious version. So it looks like Lancia already has one customer for a new, yet-to-be-launched model.Designer Tips: Make sure you get a nice looking interior and above average space in the back.Delta riders will thank you.