May 26, 2022

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Lead Actor John Fogerty (CCR) has canceled the 5th Holland International Blues Festival in Grolloo

Bad news for those looking forward to John Fogerty, former number one in Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR), arriving at the 5th Holland International Blues Festival in Grolloo.

The singer/guitarist has canceled his entire European tour and will therefore not be attending next summer’s Grolloo Blues Festival, which will take place Thursday, June 9-11.

“I don’t feel the time is right to tour Europe amid so much turmoil and uncertainty in the world,” Fogerty said on his Facebook page on Monday evening. “Our show is about celebrating and keeping our fans away from the difficulties everyone is facing. But that doesn’t seem possible for many at the moment.

The organization is looking for an alternative

Fogerty is booked to be the headline address on closing day, Saturday 11 June. On day one, Danny Vera was in the headlines, on Friday, Beth Hart.

The organization says it is looking for an alternative.

The full program can be read at this link

Erwin Java instead of Waylon

It was recently announced that it is not Waylon, but Irwin Jaffe and his band who will pay tribute to Harry Musky during the festival. Java has been the guitarist for Cuby + Blizzards for 26 years and is on stage with singer Erwin Nijhoff and singer Tineke Schoemaker playing Cuby songs for an hour.

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