September 26, 2022

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Lego compatible keyboard announced: even keys have screws

Lego compatible keyboard announced: even keys have screws

MelGeek keyboard maker contains a file Announcing compatible Lego keyboard. The keyboard has borders on which Lego shapes and structures can be placed, and the keycaps themselves are interchangeable with Lego bricks.

The keyboard, named Pixel, can be used mechanically, wired or wireless and has four RGB LEDs. Unfortunately, the number pad is not available. Except for some edges, the entire top is supplied with the well-known Lego screws. The keys have a transparent cover (otherwise it will not be easy to type), but they are removable.

All switches, LED indicators, and rim have Lego screws.

The Pixel is not an official Lego product, but since the Lego patent expired in 1978, the buttons can simply be “rigged” (Lego molds and dolls are a different story).

It’s still unknown when MelGeek will ship the first Pixel keyboards, but you can pre-order them. to 1 dollar. deposit You’ll soon get 26% off the asking price of $269 (about €272), and you can buy it for $199 (201 €).


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