July 12, 2024

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Lennarz offers a way out for those who have been expelled from elsewhere

Lennarz offers a way out for those who have been expelled from elsewhere

Lenaerts in Houthalen, an established name in industrial installation technology, would like to attract a lot of additional staff, but – like almost everyone – it suffers from a lack of flow. As a solution, the company founded the Paul Lenaerts Academy, its own training center where people are retrained as industrial technicians. “A great opportunity for laid-off employees from companies like NedCar, Sappi or Bose, who are welcomed here with open arms to give their careers a new direction,” says Ilse Lenaerts.

Lenaerts is growing strongly and therefore needs additional technicians. At least 10, at the moment. But: These profiles are very difficult to find, and hiring subcontractors is not a solution for Els Lennaerts and Johan Geraerts. “We may be going against the grain, but we want to hire as many of our people as possible,” the duo says. “That doesn’t make hiring any easier, so we have to be creative.” “

This translates into the Paul Lennarz Academy, her training institution, named after the late Paul Lennarz, Elsie’s father. “The academy is a separate cell within our organization that provides appropriate training to people who want to retrain as industrial technicians,” she explains. “We allow two internal people to pass on their knowledge and experience. They do this through workshops and one-on-one mentoring. Newcomers also receive an intensive training period in the company, during which they are paired with a mentor.”

Remarkably, people with different educations are also welcome. “You don’t choose a career for life,” says Ilse Lennaerts. “You have to adapt to your career.” “Just ask the people who will soon lose their jobs at Bose, NedCar or Sappi. Among them there are many motivated people who would like to retrain. Therefore, we are not necessarily looking for people with the right training. We prefer people with the right skills.” Attitude . With a great desire to show craftsmanship. They fit our company culture and help us grow. And we will do it together! “

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