December 3, 2023

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Live broadcast: Can Club Brugge with Thiago and Skouras win again above the Arctic Circle?  |  Europa League 2023/2024

Live broadcast: Can Club Brugge with Thiago and Skouras win again above the Arctic Circle? | Europa League 2023/2024

Europa League – Second Round – 10/05/23 – 18:46

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Club Brugge has something to redeem in Norway. In the first round of the Conference League at home against Besiktas, they were always supposed to win, but the score was 1-1. This result has also been achieved 3 times in a row at JPL. Bodo/Glimt is the former team of Hugo Vetelsen and is also a special match for Norwegian coach Ronnie Deila. Catch it here or on Radio 1 from 6.45pm.

  1. First half, minute 13. Thiago in the side netting. Thiago is finally there too. From an acute angle, the Brazilian shot a weak shot into the side netting. .
  2. First half, minute 12. Perfect shot. De Cuyperv finds Spileers in second place. He handed it back to Vanaken, who fired his shot. .
  3. First half, minute 12. Vanaken is there again and Berg has to make an incorrect tackle immediately. Free kick for Club Brugge. .
  4. First half, minute 11. After Gronback’s huge chance, the club was somewhat lost. Vanaken and Vetelsen were not found. .
  5. First half, minute 7. This stage is a confirmation of the shaky legs of Brugge’s defence. Tom Budwell on Radio 1.
  6. Mignolet flat well. The Norwegians are there for the first time, and immediately it becomes very dangerous. Grønbaek could make a move for Mignolet, and fortunately for the club, the latter part is going well. . First half, minute 6.
  7. First half, minute 5. The visitors have possession of the ball. Onyedika searches for Thiago and finds him in the penalty area, and the Brazilian’s header lacks power. .
  8. First half, minute 3. The first corner of the match does not create a goal opportunity for the club. Skoras grabs the rebound but gives up. .
  9. First half, minute 2. The club immediately moves forward. Odoi finds Zinckernagel in the box, which can do more than a corner kick. .
  10. First half, minute 1. Kick-off! The ball is rolling in Norway. Can Club Brugge win again tonight? .
  11. First half, minute 1, the match started
  12. Up front, at 6:45 p.m., there is a lot of interest in Vetelsin, who hugs his former teammates one by one. Zinckernagel also has a past with Bodø/Glimt. .
  13. In advance, at 6:43 p.m., under the leadership of Czech referee Ondrej Berka, the 22 players enter the field. It is his first European match of the season. .
  14. In advance, at 6:32 p.m., not only is it cold in Norway, but rain and wind will also be present above the Arctic Circle. Aspmyra Stadium is now filling up for the fourth European match of the season. In the qualifiers, Bodo/Glimt also scored three goals for his team in his three matches. .
  15. Up front, 6:00pm Three Norwegians in the club. For Ronnie Deila, the match in Bodø is a homecoming. The 48-year-old Norwegian has never coached there before, but knows the club well. Club Brugge midfielder Hugo Vetelsen has been active there for at least four years. In 123 matches with Bodø/Glimt he scored 31 goals. In 2020 and 2021, Vetelsen also became a Norwegian champion with the club. Antonio Nosa, Brugge’s third Norwegian, will not be there tonight. He has no history with Glimt, but he does have a history with Stabaek. .
  16. Advance, 6pm 1. Bodø/Glimt likes to have the ball. We’ll have to make sure we have him tonight and they have to run after the ball. Ronnie Della.
  17. In advance, at 6 p.m. Gutgla can’t even play 90 minutes. There’s nothing wrong with him, but he’s been out for a long time and can’t play three games a week. Ronnie Della.
  18. In advance, 5:58 PM The artificial turf is in very good condition. Things will go fast and we love that. Ronnie Della.
  19. Before that, at 5:45pm, Thiago and Skouras were in the starting line-up, with Buchanan still on the bench. Thiago is once again favored up front over Jutgla. He’s 100% fit, but he couldn’t really impress the STVV team. In addition to the Brazilian, Skouras comes to the team in place of the absent Skov Olsen. On the right, Odoi remains a substitute for the injured Sabi, and Buchanan starts on the bench. .
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