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LP Ain’t Over Yet: That’s Why Vinyl Records Stay Hot |  My guide

LP Ain’t Over Yet: That’s Why Vinyl Records Stay Hot | My guide

HLN StoreThe Lebanese party may have turned 75 this year, but it is still far from reaching its end. Whereas the LP had to give up its place of honor in the living room to CDs in the 1990s, it has now suppressed that competition with great success. In 2023, we’ll of course be listening digitally en masse, but even that doesn’t seem able to silence vinyl. The recordings remain a favorite choice among music lovers of all ages and have earned the mark of timelessness in our rapidly changing society. HLN Store Explores what makes vinyl invincible.

Why does vinyl look better?

A vinyl collection naturally takes up a lot of space, and this analog format is also one of the reasons why a recording sounds warmer. The audio on the CD or digital carrier is compressed and therefore loses part of the information. In addition, to raise the volume, many CD or digital music producers manipulate the bass, reducing its accuracy. With such conversions you get a purer and clearer sound on the one hand, but on the other hand details are lost. You’re missing the richness and depth of an LP.

Additionally, the continuous signal that a vinyl record is played with contributes to a warmer sound. Pauses in music are always the intention of the musician. But some imperfections in analogue music, for example due to a speck of dust or needle hiss, also provide a warmer listening experience.

Analogue music designed for the 21st century: Check out this decorative record player from Crosley (Now €97 instead of €110).

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Record Player – Crosley Voyager. © HLN Store

Witch ritual

But vinyl has more assets than just warmth of sound. Even though you hear the same notes, listening to a recording is a completely different experience than simply playing a digital song via a playlist. The ritual of carefully selecting, playing, and flipping a physical record creates an authentic experience, and that’s exactly what many music fans enjoy in the digital age. These actions require you to be more attentive to the music, and to enjoy it more consciously. It reduces the volatility of the music and gives the medium a touch of magic.

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Number one according to music lovers

The record is also less inviting for shuffling, playing songs randomly, halfway through, or skipping. On the other hand, you’ll take the time to listen to the entire album, with the songs structured and varied as the artist intended. Audiophiles often prefer this way to listen to music with excellence. So they want to invest more in an album over an LP, that way they can better support their favorite artists right away.

analog luxury

And then we haven’t even mentioned the fun of collecting. The playlist on your screen can’t compare to the physical collection of recordings sitting in your living room, which you’ve patiently created and painstakingly expanded. You can hold each piece and enjoy the design of the cover down to the smallest detail.

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The comparison between physical books and e-books applies here. Physical books are more expensive and take up much more space, but many readers still prefer to buy the “real” book rather than the digital version. The ability to add a new copy to your tangible (record) library is a luxury that lovers of culture, along with the other advantages that analogue media provide, will find great satisfaction.

Are you a proud collector or are you looking for the perfect gift for a music lover? These LP packages should not be missing from your collection.

LP packages
“Cult Heroes”, “Pop” and “Rock” LP packages. © HLN Store

Modern ease of use

Installing a turntable in your home is not exactly a luxury for those who know a little about technology. If you want to give yourself or a loved one an analog listening experience, you can fortunately opt for an entry-level record player. It combines the charm and authenticity of analogue music with contemporary ease of use. In addition to volume control and auxiliary input, this model has a Bluetooth receiver so you can wirelessly connect your record player to the amplifier and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Do you want to enjoy analogue music easily? Watch the “Voyager” record player in the HLN store.

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