November 29, 2022

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Max Verstappen First Miami GP |  Ferrari surpassed in Formula 1

Max Verstappen First Miami GP | Ferrari surpassed in Formula 1

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) records 3rd win of the season. At the first Miami Grand Prix, he quickly overtook two Ferraris. Don’t give up the first place anymore. Charles LeClerk comes in 2nd with his Ferrari and leads the World Cup.

After a mistake in the qualifying examination, Max Verstappen Start the 5th GB of the season only from the 3rd place.

A brave guy has no problem. He picked up immediately after the start Carlos Science Jr. For grazing. Brake as late as possible and he was on the Ferrari.

Next task: first place Charles Lecklerk To snatch. That too took a little effort for the world champion. Within fifteen minutes, Verstappen’s Red Bull was already in first place.

Racing? No matter what Leklerk tried with his Ferrari, he only saw that Verstappen was small in his cross chairs. Red Bull’s lightning-quick pit stop didn’t help him either.

Lando Norris taps Pierre Casley with his McLaren until he can tap his McLaren on the brand new Miami circuit.

The security car had to set the speed and Verstappen saw his bonus melt like ice in the sun.

In 10 rounds from the end, participants were allowed to go back into the woods. Verstappen again eagerly defended his position. Even with the TRS, the Leklerk Red Bull should let fly.

Verstappen recorded his 3rd win after Saudi Arabia and Imola. In the rankings, he narrowed the gap with President Leckler to 19 points.

Miami GB results
1. Max Verstappen (Dutch Red Bull) At 1h34’24 “258
2. Charles Lecklerk (Mon Ferrari) At 3 “786
3. Carlos Science Jr. (Spa-Ferrari) 8 “229
4. Sergio Perez (Max-Red Bull) 10 “638
5. George Russell (GPR-Mercedes) 18 “582
6. Louis Hamilton (GPR-Mercedes) 21 “368
7. Valteri Potas (Bin-Alfa Romeo) 25 “073
8. Stephen O’Connor (fro-alpine) 28 “386
9. Fernando Alonso (Spa-Alpine) 32 “128
10. Alex Alban (Tha Williams) 32 “365
11. Daniel Ricciardo (Aus-McLaren) 35 “902
12. Lance Stroll (Kane Aston Martin) 37 “026
13. Yuki Sunoda (Job Alpha Tauri) 40 “146
14. Nicholas Latifi (Ken Williams) 49 “936
15. Mick Schumacher (Germany-Haas) 1’13 “305
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In two weeks, Formula 1 drivers will be racing in Europe again. They then rode the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona.