February 2, 2023

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Meghan Markle wants to show her 'featured' side on Netflix, but she can't because of a detail |  Kings

Meghan Markle wants to show her ‘featured’ side on Netflix, but she can’t because of a detail | Kings

Netflix showing pictures of Meghan Markle crying. We hear her husband, Prince Harry, say in the background, “Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors.” In one of the black and white photos, Meghan rests her head in her hands on a chair as she talks on the phone. Some say it’s “recognizable,” but now the photo is circulating on Twitter for entirely different reasons.

“Recognizable? Well, I never cried under a $3,000 Hermès cap,” one wrote. The trailer shows how an expensive Hermes luxury blanket hangs over Meghan’s chair. After a quick Google search, viewers discovered that the blanket retails for $3,000, or about €2,850. Another Twitter user wrote: “Meghan thinks she’s having it so bad she wants us all to believe.” “But it would be a little better if she didn’t have the expensive Hermes blankets.”

The fact that the British prince and his wife are doing so well strikes a chord with many viewers. Meghan cries on a Hermès blanket, wipes tears in a limousine and cries in what looks like a luxury hotel suite. Perhaps you should think a little before saying that she is wronged? ”

The Harry & Meghan documentary will premiere worldwide on Netflix on December 8th. The couple is expected to be highly critical of the British royal family.

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