June 5, 2023

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Most Philips sleep devices are actually safe, according to Research | outside

Most of the Philips sleep apnea devices were safe. Philips concludes this on the basis of extensive research. Last year, the Dutch group also released favorable test results for the company regarding the long-running and costly issue, and now Philips has a fresh update.

Problems with sleep apnea devices relate to the foam insulation in the machines. It can break down or release chemicals after contact with some cleaning products. But Phillips says the research so far has shown the risks are within safety limits.

The test results cover approximately 95 percent of the supplied devices. If the appliances are not cleaned with ozone, there are no safety risks, according to Philips. For two-thirds of the devices, the first generation of the so-called Dreamstation devices, there is a risk of damage when using any cleaning product, but there is no risk to the health of users.

United States class action claim

In all, Philips has had to replace 5.5 million sleep apnea and sleep apnea devices worldwide. For this, the company had already had to release about 1 billion euros. Philips also set aside €575 million in April for a potential claim in the United States in connection with recalls of sleep apnea devices. There, patients file a class action lawsuit.

There are also more claims at stake and so case costs can go up even more. According to Philips, cleaning with ozone is also more popular in the United States, something that wouldn’t be at all popular anywhere else. However, the company has previously indicated that several reports have also been received about the devices which, after checking them, show that the foam in question did not separate at all.

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