February 6, 2023

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Mustang Supermarket Group stores transform into Intermarché and will reopen tomorrow | internal

The 86 stores of the Mestdagh supermarket group, which are mainly located in Wallonia and Brussels, but also in Tienen and Aarschot, will reopen from tomorrow after the acquisition by Intermarché. They will have a new domain and a new name: “Intermarché by Mestdagh,” it was announced. Social partners will be informed about future plans next week, on November 9.

Intermarché announced at the beginning of last year that it would acquire all Mestdagh supermarket group stores operating under the Carrefour Market and Carrefour Express banners. The franchise contract between Mustadang and Carrefour ran until the end of December. Since today, following the approval of the Belgian Competition Authority, Intermarché has taken over. The latter also appointed a new CEO: Guillaume Boscart replaces Emmanuel Correa.

Intermarché speaks of a “historic step” for its development in Belgium. We will need everyone to succeed in our ambition to become a major player in the retail sector. As a result of the acquisition, the group has 163 stores in our country, which represents a turnover of 1.432 billion euros per year. In Wallonia and Brussels, the chain says it has a market share of 12.4 percent.

In mid-December, unions in Mustadang took action at the Belgian headquarters of Intermarche to denounce the uncertainty surrounding the takeover of nearly 2,000 employees. To date, Intermarché has only worked with franchised stores, and so operates under a different joint committee than Mestdagh.

Union representative Miriam Dailami (Sitka) fears layoffs and/or deteriorating working conditions. Only next Monday the wine will be served by the new management.

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