February 6, 2023

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NASA chief warns China wants to mark land on moon | Technology

China may have ambitions to claim mineral extraction areas on the moon and exclude the United States. The head of the American space agency NASA has warned about this in an interview Politics.

According to Bill Nelson, China and the US are in a race to see who can put people back on the moon. That struggle will be decided in two years.

“It’s a fact: We’re in a space race,” says the former Florida senator and astronaut. “And they (China, ed.) should be careful not to set foot on the moon under the guise of scientific research, because they might say, ‘Stay out, it’s our territory.'”

China’s space program is advancing rapidly. In November, China opened its own space station. China has also landed on the moon several times and sent a robotic spacecraft with a camera to Mars. Beijing wants to put tyconauts (Chinese astronauts) on the moon by the end of this decade.

The US wants to put humans back on the moon by the end of 2025 for the first time since 1972. But the slightest delay in new technological development will soon mark China.

NASA President Nelson has expressed hope that humans will be able to travel around the moon by 2024. A year later, Americans set foot on the lunar surface. But there is no guarantee that America will be first. “China has made tremendous progress and progress in the last decade. The moon landing date is moving forward.”