December 8, 2023

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Omikron breaks pollution records |  Standard

Omikron breaks pollution records | Standard

Omikron is going fast. In many countries, the daily infection record is broken one by one. Brave little Belgium Along with a few others, they seem to have survived the longest period of the Fifth Wave.

Globally, the weekly rate of new infections has decreased. Between December 23 and 29, 7.3 million people were infected with the coronavirus. This means that the daily average is 1,045,000 cases. This crushes the previous daily average of at least 100,000 infections. The majority of these infections occur on the territory of Europe and North America. This increase has to do with the latest type of coronavirus: omicron.

In recent days, the infection curves have risen to new daily peaks in:

  • United States (about 290,000 per day)
  • France (208099 per day)
  • United Kingdom (189213 per day)
  • Italy (126,888 per day)
  • Switzerland (8,890 per day)
  • Ireland (20,554 per day)
  • Portugal (28,659 per day)
  • Spain (about 30,000 per day)
  • Greece (35,580 per day)
  • Denmark (23,228 per day)
  • Finland (3,112 per day)
  • Australia (about 20,000 per day)

In Belgium, Corona numbers are still declining at the moment. We are joining forces with Germany, Holland, Austria and some Eastern European countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. It seems that South Africa, the country where the omikron variant was discovered at the end of November, has already passed its peak. That is why the night clock that was in place there was again canceled in the meantime.

According to preliminary studies, omicron appears to be more contagious, but less pathogenic.

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