December 3, 2023

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OnePlus is unlocked and this is what’s new in WhatsApp (Android News #42 2023)

OnePlus is unlocked and this is what’s new in WhatsApp (Android News #42 2023)

OnePlus unveils the first foldable smartphone and WhatsApp gets new features. These are the top Android news of the week.

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You will soon be able to use these new WhatsApp functions

WhatsApp will soon let you use two accounts on one device. This means you no longer have to take two phones with you to use apps from two accounts. Useful for your business and your own numbers, for example. To use two WhatsApp accounts, you need two SIM cards (e-).

Alternatively, you can use a second device to verify the second phone number, and then both numbers will work on one phone and in one app. With this version, you can switch between accounts through the pop-up menu.

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OnePlus Open official: hands-on with the new foldable smartphone

There have been rumors for years that OnePlus would launch a foldable smartphone, and now the time has finally come. Today, the Chinese company officially announces OnePlus Open. Only one variant appears in the Netherlands. Recommended retail price is €1,799.

The OnePlus Open, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, runs on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip. We see important differences with the displays. The “Open”‘s external display is slightly larger at 6.31 inches and has the same aspect ratio as many non-foldable phones. OnePlus wants you to be able to use the truly enclosed device like a regular smartphone.

→ Getting started with OnePlus Open

Eye-catching or not: “These are the colors of the Samsung Galaxy S24”

Just wait a few more months and then the time will come. Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphones will likely be launched in early 2024. In recent months we have collected a lot of information about the smartphones, including the design of the Galaxy S24 Plus. Now we also know the different colors.

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Ross Young Reveals previously unknown colors. The S24 series, i.e. S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra, appears in four colors: black, grey, violet and yellow. This means that there seems to be something for everyone, because those who like to choose a subtle color can choose black or grey.

→ Samsung Galaxy S24 appears in these colors

Xiaomi says goodbye to MIUI and opts for HyperOS

The upcoming Xiaomi 14 devices no longer come with the well-known MIUI software layer, but run on the new HyperOS system. We will see the new software not only on their smartphones or tablets, but also on other Xiaomi devices. According to the company, the new software is used on devices in more than 200 product categories.

MIUI should eventually disappear completely on devices, although this will of course be gradual. Work has been continuing since 2017 on the new system, which is based on a combination of the famous Android system and the self-developed Villa system.

→ Xiaomi presents HyperOS

YouTube is getting 30 (!) new features, like easier fast forwarding

YouTube is constantly busy improving its video service. For example, last year the app received a new design, which was supposed to make the controls clearer. In the near future, YouTube will roll out thirty new features that will provide more convenience to the user.

Maybe this has happened to you before: The video suddenly becomes much louder than before, making you jump out of your seat. Thanks to “stable volume,” this is a thing of the past. This feature balances the volume, making all videos sound equally loud.

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