December 1, 2023

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Peter Vandenemppt: “I wonder when Anderlecht’s potential will come to fruition” |  Jupiler Professional League

Peter Vandenemppt: “I wonder when Anderlecht’s potential will come to fruition” | Jupiler Professional League

In his weekly football analysis, Peter Vandenemppt takes a look at the top three draws for the top clubs. Antwerp, Genk, Anderlecht and Club Brugge tied in the eighth round. “Despite the great potential on the pitch, we saw a bad match,” he says of the derby match in Anderlecht.

Rimmer pink sunglasses

After the draw in the top match between Anderlecht and Club Brugge, everyone was disappointed with the level of the match. Except for Brian Rimmer.

The Anderlecht coach was perhaps more ecstatic after his unexpected contract extension, and his glasses were rosier than usual. “One of the best halves since he arrived,” Reimer said. His team played 45 minutes of dominant football.

I don’t take it seriously anymore. It also damages his credibility. Just like the images of his boss Jesper Friedberg, who communicates all the time from the stands.

Despite the great potential on the pitch, we saw a bad game. We saw almost no chances, little quality ball handling or any kind of excitement in the two rectangles.

Anderlecht and Club Brugge played a match without a match.

Peter Vandenemppt

It is true that Anderlecht started at full capacity, but did not create any chances. Not even a long shot or attack with a real idea behind it.

The failure of Dolberg and Delaney in just a few minutes was a huge loss for Anderlecht. Rimmer is right about that.

The bottom line is that guys with experience and quality should bring more. Like Mats Ritz, but certainly also Thorgan Hazard. It turns out he’s not ready to start the match yet.

I wonder when Anderlecht’s potential will come to fruition, when football will play more smoothly, when chances and goals will come. This will be necessary to stay on top.

After three draws, getting 6 out of 6 against Eupen and KV Mechelen is a must. Preferably with some conviction.

Delicate rinse at Club Brugge

Club Brugge has only managed to win one of its last five matches. This is not a problem yet. The team is in the leading group and has performed excellently in many matches: good football, many chances and goals.

In Bruges they have the best core in the country. Once they reach top speed, Club will be the best again, but they must remain alert.

The abundance of talent and quality up front and in midfield is in stark contrast to the weak group at the back. Club Brugge has been unable to maintain a score of 0 in eight consecutive matches. Anxiety, because it is not always compensated for by goals.

That’s why I think the catch-up match against Genk this week is an important one. It will be a moment where Club Brugge has to make a statement to show that you are perhaps the best of the best.

Scene in Limburg

And in Limburg, football fans had reason to rejoice. KRC Genk and STVV put on a great show, yet both teams looked unhappy.

I thought this was very nice. It was bad enough that Genk and STV got the same points after a great game as Club Brugge and Anderlecht did after a non-match.

Big shout out to STVV coach Fink. His team played football in Genk and got a score of 0-3.

Congratulations also to Genk who showed resilience after the break after a tough match against Fiorentina.

The same applies to Genk as it applies to Club Brugge. He has already received a lot of praise for his footballing style and positive approach, but has only won once in 5 matches.

Or twice out of 8 matches. Or even 4 times out of 14.

You’ll get applause at the end of the season, but you won’t win awards that way.

Poor Antwerp

Antwerp has not had the happiest week. After 5-0 in Barcelona, ​​the score remained 0-0 against RWDM.

A draw was harder than a strike in the Champions League. That’s true, but I was surprised by what club president Paul Ghesens said after Barcelona. Had to focus on football again, he didn’t think the team’s low saves were right…

Very strange. The 0-0 result at Molenbeek certainly won’t improve his mood.

Also noteworthy: the very positive assessment from Mark van Bommel once again. His team was supposed to win, but the coach spoke of his team’s patience. While I thought Antwerp were very poor with the ball for an hour.

Antwerp played without ideas, the team did not set the tone and lost a lot of the ball. Just like in Westerlo, I thought it was a bad match for the champion.

3 wins in 7 matches is not enough for Antwerp. On Wednesday it will be time to show it again against leader KAA Gent.

Antwerp striker Vincent Janssen missed two penalty kicks.

Peter Vandenemppt

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