December 6, 2023

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Preview: Exact Cross Beringen 2023 – The big names are on the spot

Preview: Exact Cross Beringen 2023 – The big names are on the spot

Janie Waldrop
Saturday, October 7, 2023 at 6:30 am

Sunday 8 October is finally the day, the first Belgian Cross of the Cyclo Cross season. The start this year is later than usual, which may cause violations. Who had a good summer and immediately became in good shape? Who needs more games to get better? Many questions, we will know the answers on Sunday. Cycling Looking forward!


Latest winners Exactly Cross Beringen
2022: Science isElie Esserbet
2021: Science isElie Esserbet
2020: Science iston aerts
2019: Science is Quentin Hermans

2022: flag nlWim van Empel
2021: flag nlYara Castelin
2020: flag nlDennis Betsema
2019: flag nlAnne Marie is worse

last year

Men’s result – exact intersection Science is Beringen
1. Science isElie Isserbet (Pauls Sosin-Bingol) at 59m 59s
2. Science isMichael Vanthornhout (Pauls Sösin Bingöl) in the 1940s
3. flag nlLars van der Haar (Balloise Trek Lions) at 43 seconds
4. flag nl Pim Runhaar (Balloise Trek Lions) 1 minute 6 seconds
5. Science is – Viets Moisen (Pauls Sosin-Bingol) in 1 minute and 36 seconds.

Women’s result – exact intersection Science is Beringen
1. flag nlWim van Empel (Pauls Sosin-Bingol) in 41 minutes and 58 seconds
2. flag nlLucinda Brand (Palloys Trick Lions) in first place
3. flag nlDenis Betsema (Pauls Sosin-Bingol) in 36th place
4. flag nlYara Castelin (Krilan-Frestads) with a time of 1 minute and 14 seconds
5. flag nlCeline del Carmen Alvarado (Alpecin Desoninck) at 1 minute and 33 seconds


The route of the cross in Beringen has completely changed. In previous versions, riders had to travel all the way to the top of the mine’s slag pile. That is not the case this year. He added: “We made this decision in view of the Belgian Championship in 2026. The federation preferred that the Belgian Championship not be a real climbing cross, so we modified it a little.” This is also better logistically. I do not want that a light “The version, but it’s less difficult,” explains course designer Vervecken.

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The start and end location remained the same. They are still located on the service road behind the be-MINE shopping complex. After the start, riders do not immediately enter the slag heap on the right, but must continue onto a completely new loop. “The riders will be going up there for the first time. They will stay on the service road, and then they will come up to about half of the mine’s slag pile.

“Then they come down, and then they pass the new location of the physical station. Then it’s time to go up again. Again, we ride halfway up the climb, this time from the part we know. Then the riders pick up the descent and head toward the second new loop.

After that second episode, the end beckons again. While the real climbers made it to Beringen last year, this year it will be different. “But it’s still tough cross country. The climbs are still there, but they’re a little shorter. Interval is the word that describes the best climbs this year. That’s a typical cross-country thing,” says Verviken.

Program and information

The program is Sunday, October 8, 2023
2:45 pm: Junior category
4.15pm: Elite group of women and youth
5:30 p.m.: Elite men

Be-MINE Beringen mine slag pile
Entry: 15 euros in advance. Children up to 12 years old are free.

Practical information
Site organization
List of participants

Favorite men

It is of course difficult to estimate the value proportions of such a first cross. We can compare to previous seasons, and one guy was always good right away. We’ll talk about that next Elie Esserbet (Pauls Sosin-Bingol), who also won the last two editions of cyclocross in Beringen. In principle, the developments of the new path will not be in his favor.

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Michael Vanthornhout(Pauls – Pingual sauces), Lorenz Swick(Crylan Corendon) and Lars van der Haar (Baloise Trek Lions) are the guys who want to put themselves next to Iserbyt. Vanthornhout gained a lot of confidence last season, among other things, after his impressive victory in the Overijsee and claiming his European title. Swick won eight crosses and was thus one of many winners. Van der Haar won less than he wanted, but the Dutchman was one of the most consistent riders of the season.

We will see Iserbyt immediately return to Winning mood? – Photo: Cor Vos

The four aforementioned names stood out last season, but that may look very different now. Young people love Tibau Nice, Pim ronhar Baloise Trek Lions (Baloise Trek Lions) and Niels Vandeputte (Alpecin-Deceuninck), for example, could have gone an extra step. For example, Ness said: “This season I want to participate in the finals several times and compete for the podium, and maybe even win.”

Finally, we would also like to mention Ryan Kamp (Paulus-Sozen-Bingol), Emil Verstring, Goran Wisseur, Ton Vandebosch, Wits Meeusen (all 4 Krillan-Corindon), Gerben Kuipers (Circus-Reutz-Technoord), Jens Adams (Athletes). For Hope), Jeante Michels (Alpecin-Decuinck), Lander Lux (TDT-Unibet), and Dan Sweet (Deschacht-Haines-Maes).

Favorites according to WielerFlits
***Eli Iserbit
** Lawrence Swick, Michael Vanthornhout
* Lars van der Haar, Thibaut Ness, Pim Ronhaar

Men involved

Favorite women

World Champion Wim van EmpelThe necessary measures will be taken immediately in Beringen next Sunday. This is a penalty, because the young Dutch player from Jumbo-Visma has had a very busy summer. The same also applies to Shereen van Anerweg (Baloise Trek Lions), who will also ride in Beringen. The two young riders dominated the cyclocross season among elite women last year and are now the big favorites. Van Empel had more to offer than Van Anerweg and is therefore the favorite for Sunday.

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Established values ​​Lucinda Brand and Dennis Betsema are not there. Both riders are still recovering from injury. Celine del Carmen Alvarado Is there. The Alpecin-Deceuninck rider showed great things last season, but often had to compete with Van Empel, Van Anrooij and Bock Pieters (who is not there yet). Alvarado won five crosses. Inge van der Heijden Crellan-Corindon has two crosses, but he’s making progress up the pitch.

Van Anerweg with Van Empel on her wheel – Photo: Cor Vos

Anik van Alphen And Anne Marie is worse (Both Cyclocross Reds) He should also be able to achieve a good result at Beringen. Van Alphen has already won a race this season, winning the Kleberg Cross in Mechelen, Netherlands. We’re also looking forward to competing with our very own little Fleur Mores, who will be riding her first cross in a Baloise Trek Lions livery. Finally, we also mention Marion Norbert Ribroll (Crillan-Corindon), Alicia Frank (De Sister-Bonach) and Anna Kay (Cyclocross Reds).

Favorites according to WielerFlits
*** Wim van Empel
** Sherine Van Anweij, Celine del Carmen Alvarado
* Annemarie Wurst, Inge van der Heijden, Annick van Alphen

Women participants

Weather and TV

It promises to be a beautiful day on Sunday. Weeronline predicts no rain and moderate temperatures just below 20°C. The weather will be cloudy and the wind will blow at a limited force of 2 Beaufort.

Fortunately, The Exact Cross in Beringen can be followed live on television. This year, Exact Crossen’s broadcasts are in the hands of Sporza. Broadcasting, op. cit VRT cloth, starts at 4:05 p.m. You can also watch via online channels For more information, you can always visit our Cycling on TV TV guide.