July 16, 2024

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Rapper Presta opens his second “American-style” restaurant in Ternate: “Same name, design and menu as in Zelzate”

Rapper Presta opens his second “American-style” restaurant in Ternate: “Same name, design and menu as in Zelzate”

Almost a year to the day after Presta, a 27-year-old rapper with Spanish roots from Xelzate, opened his limo restaurant in Canalstraat, the doors of his second limousine, now in Ternate, opened on Friday. “I want to expand further and dream of a real chain with more of these typical American restaurants,” says the rapper, who, in addition to serving food, is still very active in recording, performing and composing.

Presta surprised Zelzette when he took over the management of the old hotel restaurant, Mondial, just a year ago. The rapper, who has been finding his way since 2018 and has so far released 25 singles, then entered the catering industry for the first time. He transformed the hundred-year-old restaurant into a modern bar-restaurant, inspired by the “American diner” with a range of typical burgers, steaks and even American pies. He closed the night bar after a few months and focused entirely on his restaurant.

He stays away

“Coincidentally, I came across a wok restaurant along Assesteenweg in Ternate. I had just come to pick up a used refrigerator but got into a conversation with the manager. He told me he would pass on this and after one night of thinking about it, I hit it off. “We’ve been refurbishing since August because the business volume is six times greater than here in Zelzate,” explains Presta. The limousine will be opened in Ternate today, Friday, September 15, and will be a copy of Zelzate in terms of name, design and presentation.

“For now, we will start with take-out because I am still looking for someone who wants to keep the business open for me, for example a franchisee. It is still difficult to find employees in the restaurant sector. The barista does not hide the fact that he wants to continue with this business model,” I continue. Find new locations to start a limousine there too. I dare to dream of a limousine boiler where people could enjoy delicious American food in the typical interior of American roadside restaurants of the 1950s.

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