October 2, 2023

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Regier relished after win over former employer Ajax: “It couldn’t be better!”

Regier relished after win over former employer Ajax: “It couldn’t be better!”

For Juri Regier, Sunday was the first time he had to compete against Ajax, the club where he received his youth training. Last summer he chose to switch to FC Twente and that choice has worked out well so far. As a new arrival, Regier immediately held his own and has now shown why FC Twente wanted him. However, he does not currently play as a midfielder, but due to the absence of the injured Gigis Small, he plays as a left-back. He was given plenty of space against Ajax, allowing him to be involved frequently.

“It was a fantastic afternoon. A sold-out Grölsch-Veste match and a 3-1 victory with good play. It couldn’t be better,” says the Harlemer-born in a chat with Van Wessing from RT in the East. “I noticed from the first minute that the crowd supported the goal. We knew there was something to achieve and I think we showed that, especially in the first half. After half-time, you could make it 3-1, but it fell. “Then you don’t do it. Then it gets a little more difficult at some point, but then you go down 3-1. Then you have the feeling that the match has been played.”

Was anything said at half-time about the unnecessary goal? “We told each other that the game could have been over already and it could have been three or four zeros already. We insisted on staying sharp in defense and then it ended up being a 2-1 draw. We went into the game ‘we had’ we made a decision “Early, but in the end it was a very nice afternoon. We had almost no chances in front of us. That’s also a compliment to the team.”

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Regier himself now plays as a left-back and he loves it. “With Flap and Sadilek, we have a dynamic left side and I think we used that very well. With Sadilek and Prober at the back, it’s great to play. When you get the space, it’s great. In the second half they completely let me in. “He was free during the build-up. Well Well! “I wanted to get to the ball, and that was great for me.”

What is striking is the fitness of the team. “We spent three weeks of very intense preparation and training,” Regier continues, laughing slightly. “But finally it’s starting to pay off now. We’ve got ninety minutes of full action and we can all handle that. It’s also a compliment to the staff that we’re all doing well.”