December 7, 2023

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Republicans block President Joe Biden's Senate election law: 'Very disappointing'

Republicans block President Joe Biden’s Senate election law: ‘Very disappointing’


Senate Republicans on Wednesday night blocked the federal election law that US President Joe Biden wants to pass at any cost. The bill received 49 votes to 51 against, CNN reports. After that, the Democrats also failed to circumvent the stall.

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Democrats initially needed the support of at least a dozen Republicans to break the stall and pass the bill. It didn’t work, because not a single Republican voted with the Democrats.

In the second case, Democrats tried to change the disabling rule themselves. An ordinary majority was enough for that. However, they also bite into the sand there. In the end, all Republicans, along with Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kirsten Senema, voted against, leaving Biden’s federal election law dead and buried.

Biden himself responded with disappointment on Twitter. I am deeply disappointed that the Senate has failed to defend our democracy. I’m disappointed, but don’t be late. “We will move forward with the necessary legislation and push for procedural changes in the Senate that will protect the basic right to vote,” Biden said.

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