July 25, 2024

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review | Kingdom Rush Legends

  • Successful trip!
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Stay close to style
  • Do you rely too much on luck?
  • Unlocking heroes is sometimes a bit unfair

If there’s one type that can keep me glued to my screen all day, it’s the tower defense type. Am I ridiculously good at it? Absolutely not, but that doesn’t stop me from investing a lot of time in it. Bloons and Pixeljunk Monsters are two examples of tower defense games that you have played lately. However, the most I spent on the game Kingdom Rush. The base game as well as Frontiers and Vengeance was started by me. I even tried the board game, although it was considerably less successful. The fact that Ironhide Studios has now (once?) changed course with Legends of Kingdom Rush made me more curious than it raised an eyebrow in a negative way. So I took the opportunity with both hands to take a closer look at this trip.

As mentioned, we know that Kingdom Rush is known for its tower defense genre and it excels at that. The game features many different towers to deploy and more than a dozen different characters to appear on the field as heroes. These heroes have always been a big stick when your towers can’t handle all the scum. These heroes can now be found in the new Legends of Kingdom Rush, a turn-based strategy game with roguelike elements. Are you still tracking it?

In this new game, you choose a hero after playing the tutorial. This hero is the leader of your party which is complemented by two other alternate heroes. Sir Gerald is among others in the party, but he is also the Dark Knight and, for example, Olug. Fans of the series will learn a few things from the previous games. However, instead of building towers, things are a lot different here. You move over a map that can change with each game session. In that map, you basically go from fight to fight. Once you enter the battle, your heroes are transported into a field of hexagons. Playground we know from the newer Heroes of Might and Magic and Hand of Merlin. In your turn, you can move heroes and activate attacks, while the opponent does the same. Think of it like a battle of dungeons and dragons. Roll initiative!

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Anything but fighting?

Between battles, your characters find themselves in various situations. an avalanche, falling rocks, or a lost traveler looking for food; Everything is reviewed. You have several ways to deal with these events. Sometimes you have items that can solve the problem, but your heroes can also step in. This option often calls for a dice roll. Then it’s a matter of luck. Are the dice in your favour?

These events have a certain luck factor in them. You don’t know in advance which is coming and sometimes something tempting turns out to be completely wrong. For gamers who want to discover everything, this is intimidating. This is a perfect item for anyone who basically wants to have fun and be adventurous. It ensures there isn’t a single playing session, although it feels like a hell of a lot of shit when the dice fall the wrong way four times in a row and your entire party is about to die. to pressure.

success story?

Ironhide Studios emphatically states at the beginning of the game that this is not a game that you will complete in your first play. It is a matter of trial and error. With an extensive list of heroes, the combination to suit your needs is searched for. Additionally, playing adventures (failed) earns XP, so your heroes unlock more skills that you can use during the campaign. This is a smart move that will make you spend more time in the game. Unlocking heroes is not always easy, sometimes it even seems unfair. For example, there is only one hero that can be unlocked when your entire party dies except for one hero and you win the battle with 1 HP remaining. Since battles are not so easy to predict (in part because attacks often have a range of damage and not a fixed value), it may take some time before you meet this condition. Unfair frustrated or just perseverance?

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Easy or… In-depth?

Anyone expecting a lot from the tutorial for this game will be disappointed. This is short and very shallow. The basic fundamentals of the game are explained, but the effect of state effects and buffers is not discussed. There is also no comprehensive calendar on which you can get that. In fact, the game does not have an in-game guide. Now, with the basics of the rules, you can actually play the game, because it is that simple. Gradually you can get acquainted with the effects of the condition, but it will be nice to read about certain situations. Especially if you are new to the genre. All this makes the game “easy to learn, and a little more difficult to master”.

I must disappoint anyone curious about a broad paragraph on audiovisual aspects. This game is simply based on the previous games in the series in terms of audiovisual presentation. You get to know many sound effects from tower defense games, there are mainly other environments, but still within the well-known style.


Legends of Kingdom Rush is a very entertaining outing in my opinion. There is enough content to keep you occupied, especially due to the principle of trial and error. The turn-based genre is a success for Kingdom Rush, which has as low an entry barrier as previous Ironhide Studios games. This does not mean that veterans of this type have nothing to do here. The factor of luck that comes into play regularly can lead to some frustration with him. At the same time, it also has its charm. You can honestly choose to like this or not. Overall, I’m curious about what Ironhide Studios has in store for this genre!

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