November 27, 2022

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Rishi Sunak has enough support to run for the British Prime Minister, but Boris Johnson is preparing too

Rishi Sunak has enough support to run for the British Prime Minister, but Boris Johnson is preparing too

left yesterday Penny Mordaunt, the Conservative leader of the British House of Commons, is the first to know that she is an official candidate. It wasn’t a huge surprise, as she had been in the race for a long time to succeed Boris Johnson. I withdrew just before the final poll. Mordaunt previously served as a minister in the governments of David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson. She is also currently the chairperson of the advisory body between politicians and the British monarch. According to BBC Public Radio, she currently has (Saturday morning, editor) 21 MPs behind her.

Possibilities as well Rishi Sunak, the former finance minister, will run again to lead the party. According to his supporters, he has already won the required support from 100 Conservative MPs. Sunak was already a Liz Truss rival over a month ago. He was also one of the first party members to warn that his economic plans would end in disaster. Sunak himself has not officially applied to run yet, but he is expected to do so in the coming hours or days. He has the support of former Minister Sajid Javid, Minister Tom Tugendhat and former Minister Matt Hancock, among others.

Then there – surprisingly – Boris Johnson. Yes, the former prime minister who had to step down two months ago after another incident. According to the BBC, he has the support of 44 lawmakers, including Suila Braverman, who resigned as Home Secretary a few days ago. According to the BBC, he cut short his vacation in the Dominican Republic on his way to the UK. SkyNews believes that Johnson is with his family and that he is there economy class He flies. His presence sparked mixed reactions from fellow travelers, according to SkyNews. There could have been some boos.

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Johnson was due to land at London Airport this morning. It remains to be seen if he will make a statement next.