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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Three high-end Samsung tablets are on the way. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra gets very big and very powerful. This is the best Android tablet you can buy in 2022.

Next month, around February 8, 2022, Samsung will do it Galaxy Unpacked Event organization. During the event, which can be followed via live broadcast, Samsung Galaxy S22 Show series. The new lineup will consist of three high-end smartphone models: Galaxy S22, From Galaxy S22 Plus and the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Samsung is also likely to introduce three new high-end tablets at once: the Galaxy Tab S8, Tab S8 Plus, and Tab S8 Ultra.

It’s about the successors to the mid-2020 version Galaxy Tab S7 and the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. It’s the most advanced Android tablet you can buy – and with it formidable contenders for fame Apple iPad Models. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will be a completely new model, which is very advanced and very large. The 5G tablet will have a giant 14.6-inch Super AMOLED display.

Samsung Tab S8 Ultra features a 14.6-inch AMOLED display

Much has been said and written online about the long-awaited high-end tablets from Samsung in recent times. Based on all the information already available, LetsGoDigital has made a series of products for the new top model: the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

Noteworthy in this model is undoubtedly the notch of the camera. Samsung has never released a tablet of such a small degree before. Thus, the Tab S8 Ultra is getting much narrower screen bezels than before, so Samsung is simply forced to look for a different solution for the front camera.

Since the screen edges are smaller, a larger screen can be used without increasing the dimensions of the device. This benefits portability and ease of use. The Tab S7 Plus has already been praised for its beautiful AMOLED screen (12.4 inches, WQXGA + resolution, 120Hz), the new Ultra model will undoubtedly provide a better viewing experience.

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The top model will be equipped with a 14.6-inch display with WQXGA + resolution (2960 x 1,848 pixels) and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Peak brightness 420 nits. The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5 – as was its predecessor.

The notch accommodates two cameras, with a wide angle and an ultra-wide lens. Both are equipped with a 12MP image sensor. You can expect to record 4K videos at 60fps with both lenses. According to South Koreans SuperRoader Samsung will also add an Auto Framing feature this time around – similar to the Apple Center Stage functionality.

Auto Framing was first implemented in Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 The phone is foldable and ensures that the subject always remains in focus while recording a video – ideal for recording hands-free videos, such as vlogs. The camera will automatically follow your movements and stay focused.

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra camera

Redesigned S Pen with lower latency

Of course, the new top model will also offer support for the S Pen, so you can work more productively and creatively. Samsung will be improving the stylus pen again. Tab S8 Ultra gets according to Ice world The S Pen has a latency of just 2.8ms. In practical terms, this means that writing with the S Pen feels just as natural as a regular pen.

Latency has also been reduced with the S Pen in the Tab S7 Plus. The response time for previous models was 26ms, reduced to 9ms with the Tab S7+. also Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in a S21 Ultra Compatible with S Pen with a speed of 9ms. This time, Samsung goes one step further with a delay of just 2.8ms. This will apply to both the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

You can attach the stylus pen magnetically to the tablet, either on the back or on the top. This greatly reduces the chance that the S Pen will continue to swing somewhere. Samsung also offers an automatic warning via software if the S Pen is out of reach of the tablet.

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The new tablet is equipped with Android 12in association with One UI 4.1.0 Update user interface. Under the hood is extremely powerful Snapdragon 8 first generation This is the latest and most powerful mobile phone chip from Qualcomm. For a long time it was supposed to be the Snapdragon 898. However, it seems that Samsung wants to make the new tablets as powerful as possible.

The Ultra model is equipped with the most memory. Several memory variables are fired. It comes with 8GB / 12GB / 16GB RAM, 128GB / 256GB and 512GB storage. MicroSD memory card support will be maintained.

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Moreover, the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra is equipped with a dual stereo speaker system with Dolby Atmos support. There is also a dual camera on the back. A 13-megapixel main camera was used, as well as a 6-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera with autofocus and LED flash. The tablet can be unlocked via the fingerprint sensor built into the screen or via facial recognition technology.

The new Ultra model will be the largest tablet Samsung has ever released. Partly for this reason, this multimedia device also has a very large battery of 11200 mAh. Details about the charging speed are still unknown.

Supposed to support Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 45W snyladen Same as with the Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra. Charging is done via a USB-C connection on the side of the device. The charger may not be included as standard.

The tablet weighs 728 grams. And this, by the way, is much heavier than the Tab S8 Plus (576 grams). Dimensions: 208.6 x 326.4 x 5.5 mm. Furthermore, Samsung’s Android tablet offers support for Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, and optional 5G support.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Ultra

Price and Availability Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series

Samsung’s new tablet lineup will be officially presented at the beginning of February, presumably at the same time as the S22 smartphone models. Once the new additions are officially presented, presales will begin. During the pre-order period, Samsung will undoubtedly create an attractive promotion, where you can, for example, Galaxy Buds 2 Free gift. The three new tablets are likely to be launched at the end of February.

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In the long run, Samsung will also launch a cheap variant, in the form of the Galaxy Tab S8 FE – as a successor to the Tab S7 FE. However, there is a good chance that this tablet won’t arrive until around 2023.

The new Tab S8 lineup is expected to come in at least three colors: space gray, silver and rose gold. Location Abul’s Possible European retail prices were announced earlier this week. Samsung will likely use the following memory options and pricing:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 (11 inch)
WiFi-only – 8GB / 128GB: 700 €
WiFi-only – 8GB / 256GB: 750 €
5G version – 8 GB / 128 GB: 850 euros
5G version – 8 GB / 256 GB: 900 euros

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus (12.4 inch)
WiFi-only – 8GB / 128GB: €900
WiFi-only – 8GB / 256GB: €950
5G version – 8 GB / 128 GB: 1050 euros
5G version – 8 GB / 256 GB: 1,100 euros

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (14.6 inch)
WiFi only – 8GB / 128GB: 1,050€
5G version – 8 GB / 128 GB: 1200 euros
12GB/256GB variant: Price unknown
16GB/512GB variant: Price unknown

Samsung Tab S8 Ultra colors

Note to publishers: The 3D product renderings for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra were created by graphic designer Parvez Khan, also known as technizo concept. The images are based on the latest rumours. This product is not on sale yet, Samsung is expected to release the Tab S8 series in February 2022. You can use copyrighted images for your website, YouTube and/or social media channels, please be very respectful to include a clickable source link in your publication.