February 2, 2023

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Samsung is already rolling out the Android 13 update for the Galaxy A71

Since yesterday you can Galaxy A71 update to Android 13 Installation in the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition to that, you also get Samsung’s updated interface, One UI 5.

Galaxy A71 update: Android 13, One UI 5

Samsung is looking to upgrade several Galaxy phones to Android 13 as soon as possible this year. The process began at the end of October with Galaxy S22 series, and now – a month later – the first mid-range phone from 2020 is already coming. noticeable: Officially it was Samsung The update for the Galaxy A71 only came back in December.

For this device, a download of more than 2 GB is already ready, it contains firmware version A715FXXU8DVK1. The update brings about three things. The first is the October security update. Received A71 a few weeks ago September patch – which is now being updated again.

Of course, the second and third points are more important: Android 13 and One UI 5. They bring many different changes, innovations and – yes – improvements. More details can be found in the attached changelog, or in our previous coverage:

Availability and installation

As you probably know from previous Android upgrades, upgrading to Android 13 can also cause the Galaxy A71 to consume more power for a while. Finally, the device has to be optimized anew with the new software. However, after a few days, the battery consumption will return to normal automatically.

The update is now instant – OTA, around the air – Available in Dutch and Belgian, Unbranded Galaxy A71. If you branded If you bought a device from Vodafone at that time, you still have to be patient.

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You can wait until you receive the notification automatically, or you can check availability on your phone directly via Settings -> Software update -> Download and install.

By the way: we’re also expecting an Android 13 upgrade on the Galaxy A51 in a few weeks. When the time comes, we will of course report back.

Do you have Android 13 on your A71? Did it go well? Have any new errors appeared?

(Thanks Roy!)