December 8, 2023

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Save up to hundreds of Euros by searching carefully: Where can you get the biggest welcome energy discounts?  |  MyGuide

Save up to hundreds of Euros by searching carefully: Where can you get the biggest welcome energy discounts? | MyGuide

Mine energyToday, a welcome discount is attached to more than half of the formulas for electricity and natural gas. These amounts are usually less than 100 euros, but here and there you can also save more than that. What welcome discounts are there at the moment? And do they really make the formula worth it? Find it out.

By Lisa Myers, in association with Mijnenergie


different for everyone

Depending on your situation, some discounts are more exciting than others. The flat rate charged by the energy supplier after twelve months is the same for everyone, but if your household uses more energy, per-kilowatt-hour deductions may be more interesting.

For example, anyone who signs a contract online with Luminus Optimal for electric in August will get a 19 percent discount on the kWh price. The equivalent discount of 3.18 cents per kWh at Mega Group Flex has a maximum of €371 (including the welcome premium of €68.90).


From an analysis via a comparison site – which you can easily implement yourself – it seems that for a family from Antwerp that consumes 3,500 kWh of electricity on an annual basis (average household consumption in Belgium), the discount is higher with Luminous with the optimal formula. On an annual basis, this is €320.34: a €10 discount for a direct debit or electronic bill, a one-time discount of €155, and a €4.44 discount per kWh, which is €155.34. Thanks to the discount, this formula is currently also the cheapest on the market, at least in our example account.

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The second highest discount, at megaguarantees the second cheapest formula.

also octa + It gives a huge welcome discount, but that doesn’t make the price as a whole any cheaper than some other players that offer a lower discount.


Offers for this mega Using the Group Flex rate formula, a slightly more discount than Luminus, if we compare the offer to an average annual consumption of 17,000 kWh in Antwerp. A one-time discount of €68.90 and a kilowatt-hour discount of €162.18 together a discount of €231.08. Because of this discount, this formula is also the cheapest on the market.

But the second largest opponent, with the optimal formula for Luminouswe just put price at number nine when we rank 14 formulas from cheapest to most expensive.

Also completed here octa + top 3.

advice: Please note that some of the highest discounts do not automatically result in the lowest prices, consult’s comparator for the full range, including welcome discounts.

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Less cuts

Energy suppliers now again offer discounts on fixed-price formulas, but in most cases these discounts are less than 85 euros. Mega only offers a higher discount on the Smart Green Fixed formula. With a welcome discount of €111.30, this formula is the third cheapest in the range, with an estimated annual price of €1,376.68, or about €4 more than the annual price of the cheapest formula, which does not have a discount.

Same story for natural gas. The Mega discount brings the yearly price to €1,717.19, but it’s still about €9 more than the cheapest formula.


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