February 1, 2023

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Science Cafe: Dark Matter and Dark Energy: What’s the Deal?

DrDark matter and dark energy remain two of the great mysteries of modern physics. We do not see them, they do not emit anything measurable, and therefore they are not visible. Only circumstantial evidence indicated that they must have been there.

Known matter only accounts for about 15% of the total calculated mass in the universe. Where is the remaining 85%?

Will antisense cores help us learn more about dark matter and what black holes have to do with dark matter and dark energy?

the professor. Dr. Rien van de Weijgaert is a cosmologist and collaborates with research groups all over the world. His current research focuses mainly on the cosmic web.

the professor. Dr. Rein van de Wiegart is a cosmologist and professor at the Kapten Institute, Department of Astronomy, University of Groningen. His scientific interests include the cosmic web, the largest structure in the universe, which appeared under the influence of gravity after the big bang, and certainly also the mysterious dark matter and dark energy. “Nobody has a clue what it is,” he said in 2011.

Do we know more now?

Location: The MESS, Oranjelaan 11A, 3843 AA Harderwijk
Music: Boy and Laura
Presenter: Jan Doy Krusek
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