February 1, 2023

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Microsoft launches faulty Windows Defender update scripts

Microsoft has published issue scripts for the defective Windows Defender endpoint update as of Friday 13 January. Despite the fix, some users are still experiencing the damage.

According to a tweet from Microsoft, the January 13th Windows Defender for Endpoint update “causes an issue where users cannot access shortcuts in the Windows Start Menu and Taskbar.” tech giant Recently launched scripts To fix the damage from the update.

The update introduces a series of false positives in “Block Win32 API calls from Office macros”, which is one of the product’s Attack Surface Reduction (ASR) rules. As a result, some users’ Windows shortcut (.lnk) files are deleted.

Little confidence

Microsoft shared on January 14th instructions To recover lost shortcuts. The tech giant has now deployed additional measures. Actions are contained in a PowerShell script and are issued via github.

website ITPro He says some officials have little confidence in the texts. Users reported that shortcuts are not always restored.

In response to this issue, community developers have taken matters into their own hands. There are many alternative scripts circulating on GitHub. Most scripts lack support for non-English speaking countries at the time of writing.

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