September 21, 2023

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Sony will unveil the PlayStation 5 Slim this year

Sony will unveil the PlayStation 5 Slim this year

Looks like we’re going to get a new PlayStation 5 version this year. At least if we can believe Microsoft. The publisher expects Sony to unveil another PlayStation 5 Slim this year. According to documents filed during the FTC vs. Microsoft.

According to Microsoft, the PS5 Slim is priced at €399.99. Similar price category to the digital version of PS5. The information comes from a document in which Microsoft is trying to convince the judge that Xbox is the third most popular gaming console on the market, ahead of Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5.

On the other hand, the FTC argues that Xbox and PlayStation are competitors in their own right, ignoring Nintendo. The reason for this is the similar price and power to the Xbox Series X and PS5. However, Microsoft disagrees with this statement, because the FTC only considers the most expensive consoles from both publishers.

And so the Xbox maker argues that the Xbox Series S also matches the Nintendo Switch in terms of its price range. Microsoft mentions that the Nintendo Switch OLED is more expensive than the Xbox Series S. When the PS5 Slim launches, according to Microsoft, a third console will be added in the same price category.

Striking: Microsoft thinks the PlayStation 5 Pro is on the way, too, making the difference in performance and price of the consoles even wider.

It remains to be seen if there will actually be a PlayStation 5 Pro. However, a slim PS5 version wouldn’t come as a surprise, as Sony has launched a more compact version of each PlayStation console.

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