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Sponsored by: Test & Win: MSI Canister, Water Cooler & Power Supply

Sponsored by: Test & Win: MSI Canister, Water Cooler & Power Supply

When building your first system, a lot of attention is often paid to cabinet, cooling, and power supply. These are important parts, because they usually last more than one computer generation. Then it will be an upgrade: a new board, a new video card, and possibly a new processor. When upgrading the last part, the coolant is often included as well, but the rest remains the same.

You can give your system a complete MSI makeover with this package.

This means that the cooling of the system is not working optimally because the air flow in the cabinet is insufficient, and the power supply really needs attention. Older power supplies often don’t work as well as newer models. This means that you are unnecessarily sponsoring the power company just by using your computer.

How can you win?

MSI offers you a chance to get rid of these issues and give your existing system a complete makeover! By participating in this promotion, you may win a brand new cabinet, powerful and economical power supply and water cooler. All you have to do is create a user system and write three reviews on the hardware information. This way other visitors to this website can benefit from your experiences and know how much you like the products. After receipt, you will have two weeks to leave your results on Hardware Information.

What can you earn?

You read that right: the winner of this promotion will get three products at once. The kit consists of an MSI MPG Quietude 100S housing, an 850W MSI MPG850GF power supply and an MSI MAG Coreliquid C280 water cooler. This is a suite with which you can efficiently cool your system and also benefit from optimum usability when building a clean architecture. Below you will find more information about the products you can win.

With these products, MSI is once again making clear that it is focused on PC users. Not only can you go there for the best motherboards, video cards, and laptops, the brand also provides everything you need to complete your machine. You may be able to experience for yourself how good these cabinets, coolers and power supplies are by participating in this promotion.

MSI MPG Quietude 100S Enclosure

This ATX case is perhaps one of the most interesting in the brand’s program. It’s the perfect locker if you’re after a classy look but also want a touch of RGB, without becoming a total circus. As the name indicates, this closet is for those who are looking for a quiet residence.

RGB lighting can be found in two places: at the bottom of the front and in a strip above the power supply compartment. The housing is built according to modern standards and consists of three compartments: a special part where you can store the power supply and a space for the motherboard where you can also install your video card.

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To be able to create a clean build, the Quietude 100S also provides space behind the motherboard, so you can hide otherwise eye-catching cables. You can control the fans with the push of a button. In addition to three USB connections (2x A, 1x C), you will also find a button to activate the cooling in the system. This is useful if you know in advance that you will need high performance from the system because you will be gaming intensively. You can also activate the LED lighting via a button. To make this possible, the cabinet is equipped with pivots. This prevents excessive tangling of the wires.

You can already read about the stylish look beforehand. It can also be tight. At the top you will find a metal plate. This covers the grid on which you can install the cooler for your All-In-One water cooler. There is room for radiators up to 360 mm in length. You can leave that metal plate on if you choose to air cool. Then the air flow is optimal. MSI has installed a single fan in the rear that helps improve airflow in the chassis. If that’s not enough, you can lose six more.

Since you can easily hide almost all the cables in the front of the power supply and behind the motherboard, you can create a neat build, truly a system you can be proud of. A system that you also want to be able to show others. So the Quietude 100S from MSI has a 3mm thick glass side panel so you can enjoy your beautiful devices.

Video cards have become a lot bigger and heavier in recent years. MSI took this into account. You can prop up your video card with the help of a special arm that prevents the GPU from bending.

The Quietude name makes clear that MSI focused on quiet housing. Thus, the side and front panels are equipped with sound-absorbing materials, ensuring that the system can perform its work silently for a significant part of the time.

Sufficient space has also been allocated for the main business. This cabinet fits power supplies up to 22 cm deep and you can store GPUs up to 38 cm long. To install such a long power supply, the hard drive tray must first be removed. Two 3.5″ hard disks fit in this tray and you can store two 2.5″ disks or SSDs on the back panel. Overall, the Quietude 100S is an ideal choice for upgrading an existing building or constructing a new one.

MSI MAG A850GF modular power supply

The power supply is one of the most underappreciated parts of a computer. Anyone who has experienced crazy problems with a system and hasn’t been able to tell what was going on probably didn’t turn the power source off the light. The wrinkle in the power supply can cause your processor to suddenly not like it that much or your memory to start acting strangely.

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The MSI MAG A850GF is a power supply that its makers have convinced of the quality. This is reflected in the 10-year warranty that the brand offers. This did not happen overnight. The best possible devices were selected to design this power source. This way you will find the best capacitors inside; They are an essential part of a reliable power source.

Capacitors come from Japan.

The capacitors that MSI uses in the A850GF come from Japan and are simply the best. This may not make it the cheapest, but it is an excellent and reliable power source. Let’s be honest: That’s what this part is about.

The appearance of the power supply is not very exciting. The A850GF is black in color and usually a consistent and forgettable product. You build it and don’t think about it anymore. The A850GF is designed for modern systems. You can see this by the three connections of the video card power supply and the two CPU connectors. With this you can also provide a high-end motherboard with a reliable power supply.

MAG A850GF is a modular power supply with a depth of only 16 cm. This means that you can easily fit it into most cans. Thanks to modularity, you only need to install the cables you need at the time of (re)building your system. You don’t have to get rid of other cables, of course, they can come in handy later. MSI provides a handy bag that you can store in.

The efficiency of this power source is guaranteed, because the MSI MAG A850GF meets the requirements of 80PLUS GOLD and with an efficiency of up to ninety (!) percent.

MSI MAG Core C280 سائل Fluid

According to many users, water cooling is the smartest way to cool modern processors. It is a good choice because it combines highly effective cooling and silent operation. The reason for the latter is quite simple: the smaller the fan, the greater the noise. With an all-in-one water cooler, heat is transferred to the coolant, just like in a car. Heat is distributed over a large surface on which large fans are installed. Due to its large surface, it can rotate very quietly to dissipate heat. By mounting the C280 to the top of the Quietude 100S, the radiator can do its job perfectly with the fans.

Many all-in-one water coolers are technically like two drops of water. However, Coreliquid C280 is quite different from many other coolants. The big difference is that the build is smarter, so you can benefit from better cooling if you choose this model. To get you started, the C280 is currently one of the few all-in-one coolers that you immediately receive everything you need to get started with the LGA1700. This makes it an ideal choice for the modern alder lake system. Of course you’ll also get all the hardware to hook it up to an old Intel or AMD AM4 board.

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C280 not only provides efficient cooling, but also brings better RGB effect in your system. Both the CPU block and the 14cm fans are equipped with LEDs. By installing it in your closet, you can benefit from a true RGB party. The fans are hanging from above. Perfect for illuminating your system.

As mentioned, the main difference between Coreliquid C280 and other coolants lies in the construction. In many cases it is very simple: the part installed on top of the processor also contains the pump that moves fluid through the system. This is not the case here. The pump is located in the radiator. This is a much cooler place than it is above the hot head CPU. This reduces the noise production of the pump and increases its service life. The pump motor was also considered. The three-phase motor ensures durability and minimal vibration.

A special pump is integrated into the coolant.

The radiator has three zones. Warm liquid is supplied to the sides of the radiator, then cooled and ends up in the center. The liquid is then sent back to the processor for effective cooling.

This is how the coolant for the Coreliquid C280 works.

win and start

You can win this beautiful combination to renew your system. You have a chance to get one of five combinations. Blow the dust off your board, because after this upgrade your system will feel like brand new again. You will receive three products. You can keep it after writing three reviews and creating a user system. The products you get are:

You may soon see your device here.

  • MSI MPG Quietude 100S Enclosure
  • MSI MAG Coreliquid 280 All-in-One Water Cooler for LGA1700, AM4, S1151
  • MSI Mag A850GF Power Supply 850 Watt 80 Plus Gold

Would you like to put it on your wish list? Then look here. What do you have to do to participate? Fill This model is in And you have a chance. It’s no more difficult! You can even share March 24, 2022, 8:00 AM

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