September 27, 2023

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Spotify launches “Daylist,” a personal playlist that changes throughout the day

Spotify launches “Daylist,” a personal playlist that changes throughout the day

Spotify has just introduced a new feature. This is a special playlist called “Today’s List” which is modified throughout the day. This way you will always listen to music that suits you as a person at the right time.

Like all major apps, it also comes with Spotify regularly with something News. The new tool announced by the music streaming service this time is called Daylist. This was announced by CEO Daniel Ek. “Throughout the day, your mood changes and so does the music you listen to,” Spotify explains. He describes Daylist as “your day in the playlist.”

Today’s menu

The Daily List is a personalized playlist that is updated several times during the day based on your past listening habits. The list always consists of 50 songs, but is replaced regularly. Your playlist is also given a name that says more about the type of music it currently contains. This concerns the most diverse names, starting from “Bob Banger’s bedroom early in the morning” until “90s late night rainforest rave“.Since the playlist is based on your listening behavior, many of the artists are names you will recognize, but in the end you can also discover something new every now and then.

Currently, Daylist is only active in Canada, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. It is also possible that this feature will reach the rest of the world later. your Today’s menu To find it, you can simply type “daily menu” in the search bar.

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