July 19, 2024

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Stellar Scape – Astronomy and space exploration

Stellar Scape – Astronomy and space exploration

The new KIKK exhibition at Le Pavillon focuses on astronomy and space exploration.

With its deep skies that hypnotize and dazzle, space holds an unparalleled fascination for humanity. At a time when the Anthropocene crisis is destabilizing our ecological, technological and democratic balances, it is Night land And in return, a final frontier to be colonized, a resource to be exploited, a tourist destination, an observatory for remote observation, a rubble dump in orbit, and forever the infinite constellation of our original questions and material (meta) dreams.

From the atomic part to the universal whole, exhibition Excellent scene It brings together twenty world-class artists, researchers, and engineers to explore the imaginative world of astronomy and bring space adventures to life. Through art installations, immersive environments, scientific innovations and meditative projects, we experience this expanding astral landscape, a mirror of the cosmic connection that connects us in one space to all those things that appear not only as they are, but also as they could be. .

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