December 6, 2023

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Strange: The Belgian club is suddenly in the hands of the Saudis

Strange: The Belgian club is suddenly in the hands of the Saudis

Belgian football has received another strange takeover. Amateur club KFC Diest has found a new buyer. The club announced that it has found a new owner in Saudi Arabia.

“KFC Dest is proud to announce the addition of Fahad Al-Madlej to the Board of Directors. This partnership aims to improve the quality of youth training at the local level and take the club’s infrastructure to the next level. We are confident that this collaboration will also have an impact,” the club said. Positive for the local economy.

Huge change

“This cooperation will bring huge changes to the youth work of KFC Diest. Investments will be made to improve the club’s infrastructure, such as renovating the training facilities and modernizing the entire framework. Investment will also be made in training coaches and trainers, so that they can increase their knowledge and guide the players better.”

The club announced via Het Nieuwsblad that no fraudulent practices would appear and that negotiations had been taking place for months. However, this seizure must be viewed with extreme caution. There is always a “nice story” associated with it, but the reality is often different. This is also not a good development for Belgian football.

Foreign players?

And in teams like Eendracht Aalst and Wezet, which had been taken over by the Turks and Jamaicans, there was suddenly an influx of foreign players through friendly agents, of course. It is time for Belgian politics to act, because Belgian football is increasingly becoming a Far West where anything is possible…

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