May 26, 2024

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Swordfish collection in supermarkets: That’s why

Withdrawal of fish from the supermarket as there is too much of an item inside. Let’s see what happened and what we should focus on

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I The food is reminiscent Are on the agenda now. Processing of products aimed at their safety can be harmful in some way. Sometimes products containing metals that are harmful to human health are used.

Maximum focus related Fish, Risks of contaminants and triggers by these means Severe side effects for those who consume them. One of the recent events related to this is worrying Sea creature, Which drives many people crazy.

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Withdrawal of fish from supermarket: Reason for decision

about that Two blocks of comet, That Recall that there is mercury beyond the permissible limits. Fortunately At the time of reporting by SocCross (The group operates on a large scale wholesale distribution), Both modules have already expired for a few days.

Especially goes The first product in question is frozen sauerkraut under the Alprisa brand. Volume 423534, expires 9/07/2021 Made in Barcelona and sold at Cash Fishmongers starting 1/07/2021.

The other is a Same fish bread distributed by Giò Mare Srl Lot number 2118/023 and expires on 9/07/2021 from 2/07/2021 Cash on sale in Bologna.

This trail continues, the news a few days ago Withdrawal of some blocks of squid. They are available at the popular supermarket chain in Bell Base. Click here for more details on this recall.

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Not only fish though, Recall in the past has affected other foods as well. Recently A batch of Sercio brand organic sesame seeds was withdrawn due to the presence of ethylene oxide. The product in question is available in 180 gram bags and contains volume number 204431.

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In any case, it is always good to be updated on the rules related to this Food Alerts, Which is fortunately timely with current mechanisms.